Friday, August 17, 2007

Shaytan Loses a round!!

So I was having feelings the other day and just basking in the memories of my wife's affections and Shaytan comes to me and says hey why don't you email this girl and just ask how she's doing? Now this is one of those situations that I was speaking about where I would be weak in. He tried earlier with this other chick that I quickly closed the door on.

Here we have our cell phones assigned to us and the numbers don't change. So this asian girl calls me up at 2am half drunk and asks for the previous cell phones owner, and so I tell her that he's gone and this is no longer his number. So then she says oh really well what's your name? I decline to give her my name and summarily hang up. She texts me later with some of the individuals info. It falls on deaf ears. This happened during my really horny time. So I closed that door.

Shaytan then sends his minions to another door we will call her Mrs. M. Now Mrs M. is a senior ranking officer in the guard. She's physically fit, nice looking, and dying to get married. She stroked my ego on more than one occasion and she protected me from the wrath of my supervisor on more than one occasion. It may all be my ego but I think/ thought she had the hots for me. So opening that door would have meant I would have compromised our wall of protection. I sat on Shaytan's request for a couple of days rationalizing why I shouldn't tell my wife about it, and that I had the power to suppress it. So finally today I tell my wife that this was the issue and she said that the same thing happened to her too. She was presented with an opportunity to breach our wall and open a door that shouldn't be opened.

Now had we not communicated this there would be a potential one of us would be standing at the door holding it ajar waiting to get sidetracked by that unsuspecting phone call and then whoosh a hole bunch of Shayateen blow through the door like the wind hiding in every corner of our lives poised to wreak havoc. This is why I repeat over and over that communication is the most important thing that a relationship has. You must be able to tell your spouse anything, because this closes the door on Shaytan.

A'oothu billahi minashaytan ir Rajeem.

I don't like to gloat because Shaytan has been at this game longer than I have and he knows my weaknesses and I can only get ambushed by him so be careful of your enemy Shaytan and don't take him lightly.

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