Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wow What a change

Most people used to get to my blog in one of two ways through my wife's site or Through Safa's site. Now almost everyone is googling me through some means or another. It is cool to see the shift. I may have to take my picture down soon. Someone might recognize me. LOL


  1. Maybe I'd take my web album link off first....LOLOL!!

  2. Yeah you have a good point there. But I suppose that I could just make that one private all the rest are of buildings.

  3. Hey there!!! I got back online today because I had to see what you and Safa have been I told you I was nosey..I am ill and I will be for awhile but when I have the energy I will be right here reading and commenting.. and now I will have to work extra hard blogging when I get better or atleast feel like sitting up to blog... LOVE THE POEM BY THE WAY.. I will just get to that blog and post my love for it there.....

    OH AND YOU ARE BOOMING in all this because you are now a Blogging Celeb!!!!!!!!