Saturday, September 08, 2007

Home of the Free, Land of the Oppressed

I have to say something about this. It is high time that I start using the 51 people that come to my blog for something positive. If you have a slow connection this is about the Jena 6. I have to admit that I have really been trying to ignore the race card however some Americans keep it alive and well. I will add to this post some email addresses that I am going to want you to contact, but for now I am going to sleep so it probably won't be until I get home tomorrow. Please disseminate this video to the widest possible audience.

Thank you.

If you need to link to the YouTube video click this.

Please email fox news, Cnn, Your Local news outlets, BBC News and Al Jazira and ask them why they are not covering this news story. If you are not native to America I think that it would be better because of the international embarrassment that would hopefully force the American News machine hand at covering this story. There is a massive race relations story that they could build out of this all they would have to do is go to the area.


  1. ASA Muhammad

    I can not link to this url. Can you please leave a link to this YouTube video?

    WaAlaikum AsSalaam


  2. I have placed the link to the video. You could have always just linked to my blog though, but that is ok too. :) Thank you for your interest.

    I can't believe I only have one comment on this.

  3. salaams:

    this is days late, but have you heard about the 'racist terrorists' in W. Virginia? They held this black woman, Megan, captive for at least a week (i'm think it was closer to 20 days) sexually, emotionally and physically abusing her, making her eat dog feces, etc.; men and their mamas, and wives, kids. sick.

    police came to the house on a tip and she walked out the house nude asking the police to please help her! her name is Megan...

    i'm not sure if it's been on the mainline news at all.

    ramadan mubarak

  4. I know I should have responded to this sooner, however I have to say that there is nothing late about racism and injustice. If a woman is raped today but her assailant isn't caught for 20 years the event doesn't expire. Did you hear the story of the man who confessed to date raping a woman back in their college years and then the woman pressed charges on him even though it was ages old? there is no expiration on injustice coming to light.