Thursday, September 27, 2007

America's Solution

America's solution

I've said it before that if you don't look at American News without first asking the question who is going to make money from this you've missed the big picture. It doesn't matter if the story is the size of Paris Hilton's new boobs or Big Stories like planes crashing into buildings. You have got to ask yourself First who is going to make money from this?

In this piece the story is Bayer spreading aids throughout the world. I wonder if those were the countries against Bush's Policy on Iraq. South America, Europe, France and Japan were the lucky recipients of the latest dose of the AIDS virus. So neatly distributed among the masses. Makes you wonder if that whole sex with monkeys story holds up, or was it just idiotic racist babble. The precision with which Bayer infected scores of unsuspecting hemophiliacs was nothing less than military in it's design. Maybe now there will be a cure now that Gibrau and Kiyosaki are now on the hit list?

So then you ask that terror is an outrageous course of action to take? I don't know about you, but if I found out that some fat ass snobbish motherfu**er gave my beautiful daughter the AIDS virus on purpose to meet third quarter profits. I know for a fact I would be stuffing some C4 in that Bentley or Maybach and putting corporate America on alert and when they catch me I would release a website in China and gladly go to jail for killing them and their whole families. Needless to say I would be pissed.

Cause you no what Bayer said when it all came out right. My Bad so sorry that happened to you. Hopefully they are aligning this stunt up with an antidote so that their profits will really skyrocket. If not then they are very stupid. Bastards. America gotta love it. And people really look at me funny when I tell them that 9/11 was a bunch of malarky. Am I denying that planes hit the buildings No. I am not taking anything away from those who died in that tragic event, but I do say that the only people that made out on that day were the capitalist and that is a fact that cannot be denied. Northrop Grumman, FMC, Springfield Armory, Haliburton, Exxon Gas, Citibank. The owner of the buildings didn't lose out he made an insurance profit and I forget how long he had to hold on to them. The Bush administration went from sudden doom to hero of the day. All the while most Americans miss the shell game. I don't even WATCH the news and I could see the transparency in that whole scheme.

I have said in previous posts that the Iraq invasion is going to go on forever. Why it is a detractor. Watch the card Watch the card are you watching are you watching. Boom where is the card? Nope pay up. Thank you for your time, come on again I got lucky you can do better next time. Aww I'm sorry thank you for your money. I'll tell you what I'll give you back some money but we have to double the stakes. Aww sorry you lose again. No more money thanks for playing I think this is my stop.

It is a systematic process. Destabilize the region, create in-fighting between the natives. Focus on the loss of American lives and rip everybody off. The intelligencia like Noam Chomsky are marginalized. The lack of a unified Islamic base or religious base marginalizes those who would talk by making sure the other side has more news coverage. If Christians speak out against this, the gay liberalist leaders get all the press. Thus bringing the issue into a giant debate that goes no where and again thank you for your money as we raise taxes and the price of common goods so that you can only work paycheck to paycheck and not think about anything else except how are you going to pay those bills.

The children are locked into Television so that they effectively learn that the only thing working is good for is to buy stuff that you really don't need and perhaps don't even want but Suzie has one and that is all that is important.

So what is the point? Watch yourself? and Watch your back America is not on your side. I'm not saying that there aren't good people in America, there are scores from all faith groups and all equally being raped by the system, the machine of what America truly is... Evil.

If you try to placate that statement you have only to look to this definition. If Something is Godless then it is devoid of God thus wherein the God of the place becomes the base desires of that place. A smorgasboard where all desires are sated. A place where there is never enough and the only one that matters is me, because without God Me is God. And that is always correct as long as you in yourself as God doesn't take away from Me in myself as God. This is faulted logic for the one with the biggest stick or the smartest brick always wins and the world is ruled by strategy and lies, and everything is ultimately corrupt from its basest source. This is how a fortune 500 country can sell a highly transmittable deadly human virus to children in a country that is not their own without any regret or remorse nor repercussions for their actions. This is the essence of America the State.

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