Thursday, September 13, 2007

What companies should ask at check out.

Would you like to have your receipt emailed to you?

Here is a million dollar idea for you create a portal where your purchases are emailed to you at check out. Why? because first of all keeping receipts is a pain to begin with and I was thinking this is the greatest asset of online stores is because they email you your product confirmation and you always have it. If you have Gmail or something. So six months to a year down the road I don't have to worry about looking for a reciept for something that I bought because I have it. Especially for warranty information. They make you fill out those stupid warranty cards and then they never keep a database of you so you need all of your original documentation anyway.

It is a really good idea. I would especially love if Wal-Mart did this because it would make it really easy when buying electronics and stuff to keep that receipt in case you needed to return something.

It should be a relatively easy process that may take a few clicks to implement but it would be a great idea. Then you wouldn't have to buy that stupid scanning software because everything would be right there online.

If you read this and you implement it I would like to send my kids to college so slip me a couple of bucks and I will advertise your service forever.



  1. I would totally shop at a place that did this over a place that didn't. Because you normally lose receipts in the first 72 hours I would suppose.

  2. When eventually this idea catches on and most chain stores start emailing your proof of purchase....I'll be sure to tell them that I heard it here first.....

  3. Great idea - here they print the receipts on paper where the ink disappears after a couple of months - so no good even keeping them - and they bulk up my wallet something fierce - LOL.

  4. HAHA!! I have a few receipts from Carrefours that have done this very same thing!!!