Thursday, September 27, 2007

Opening the Discourse on Polygamy

I would like to open a discourse here on polygamy. I hope this works as I Jacked this from Miz Azeez's site Polygynous Blessings. I highly recommend you help her in her latest book and fill out her questionaires. I hope she doesn't mind I really do. I am going to link to her questionaires in this post Insha Allah.


900AM WURD-Polygyny in Islaam w/ Abul Hasan Maalik Adam (Part 1)

900AM WURD-Polygyny in Islaam w/ Abul Hasan Maalik (Part 2)

I want you to listen and then hit me up on what were your thoughts and feelings of the talk. I think that Brother Abdul Hasan Maalik was very thorough at least as much as he could be given the format and time frame of the show. The questions and answers are very good and informative. I want to know what you all think about it.

If you are thinking about Polygamy as a brother or sister fill out Azeez's Questionaire for brothers or her Questionaire for Sisters. I hope you don't just fill out her questionaires and not comment on my blog.


  1. It's amazing how the non-Muslims persist in trying to convince the Muslims to there methodology of marriage. Anglo-Saxon cultural domination at it's best. The continued indoctrination of society with Anglo-Saxon Protestant principles. African Americans are the fastest growing minority to accept Islam in America. The historical significance of African Muslims brought to America is an awakening to some. African Americans will probably continue to accept Islam in large numbers. As a result we may see an increase in the practice of Islamic-Polygyny among Muslims, especially African Americans.

    The blessings of Islamic-Polygyny are to many to enumerate. Polygyny is a protection to the Muslim and the Islamic community. Perhaps Islamic-Polygyny for Muslims in America is more of a protection because of the societal corruption as a whole. Islam has no compulsion. The one who accepts Islam accepts whole heartedly. The Qur'an is revelation and revelation is not for debate. The wisdom of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) is not for debate and is revelation. Muslims don't accept part of Islam and leave the other part off. If person has a problem with the Sunnah, they should have the integrity to admit so.

    If consenting adults want to practice plural marriage, why is that a problem or anyones business. When the non-Muslims have sexual relationships with multiple women, kids from multiple women, you never here anyone complaining about there behavior. Actually it's encouraged. There are no laws to protect from this crucial, vile behavior. Where is the justice in controlling people's married life among consenting adults? Where are the civil liberties of the Americans who want to practice plural marriage?

  2. as salaam alaikum brother muhammad, wa EID MUBARAK!

    it must be a wonderful experience to celebrate EID in a Muslim country. Can't wait for your blog on that. In the meantime, i just got the following letter from "my" reporter; the one who did the piece on polygyny.
    ...thought you'd be interested...

    asiila imani

    Friends and Colleagues,

    The radio feature I produced about a polygamous Muslim family in San Diego is airing on NPR's Weekend Edition tomorrow.

    It will air during the second hour of the show, at approximately 20min past the hour. Check out the broadcast schedule to find out what station Weekend Edition is playing on near you:

    If you miss it, you can always listen online:

    I produced the feature through the Carnegie-Knight Fellowship I had this summer. For more about Muslim polygamy and other religion stories,
    visit the News21 website:

    "Plural Living, God Willing" or (Matters of Love and Faith)
    Faith can make people do funny things.

    It can give us the power to face life with an unworldly optimism, or make us harbor feelings of hatred. But love is something different. Religion
    may provide rules for relationships, but can it control what we feel inside our hearts?

    That’s the question I explored during the three days I spent with a polygamous Muslim family in San Diego. For over 15 years, Ali, who prefers
    to only use his first name, has been religiously married to Hasanah and Asiila. Their ideas about love and family are so different from mainstream
    American society, yet their model works for them. In this 11 minute radio piece, we found out why.

    Pauline Bartolone

  3. salaams:
    the longer version of the interview just posted on the news initiative site:


  4. As Salaamu Alaikum,

    All Muslims are welcome to visit and comment about polygamy at


  5. Polygamy is nothing more than men following their lust. Allah says that men are not made with two hearts. They cannot give equal love to two women no matter how hard they strive (Quran 4:129?). Allah also says that if men know what is best for them, take only one wife.

    Some men are truly arrogant to think that they know better than Allah. They are greedy and lustful. They do not meet the conditions required. No wonder the Muslim world is in such a mess. Muslim women are not doing well compared to other women.

  6. Polygamy although lust could be involved has nothing to do with lust. It is a pain in the ass and a lot of hard work to make it work. It is work to be fair, it is work plain and simple, but like any other relationship it will take WORK to make it WORK. Ultimately the test is from Allah for you that is why it was allowed. The husband will have his own test and you will have yours. However there are no free lunches in polygamy. Non-Muslim women just don't have to deal with a less than honorable, Honorable permanent solution. The only reason it is less than honorable is the social stigma placed on it. However the other alternative CHEATING is wildly more accepted. Hmm go figure.

  7. Cheating is not the only alternative to polygamy. Many, many muslim men are content in what Allah has given them in one wife, and they don't go about wondering how nice it would be to get into other women's panties in a halaal way.

    Btw, polygamy could be a way of cheating, but, its the 2nd wife that is being cheated. because I have seen just too many cases in which 2nd marriages don't even last a year, and the brother goes back to being with just his first wife and their kids. It is more like eating their cake and having it. They did not intend to marry and divorce, but usually when they get into it, and after the lustful excitement wanes, they realize how much trouble it is, and before you know it,the second wife is divorced. Laa hawla walaa kuwwata illa billah.

    P.S. saying, polygamy has nothing to do with lust is an oxymoron. I read a book by bilal philips and he said people should stop saying men take 2nd, etc wives because of lust, because, lust was involved when he wanted to marry the first too.

    umm abdullah

  8. Getting into Polygamy to get into panties is probably the equivalent of buying the Hotel just so you can have a place to sleep. Speaking from a more knowledgeable vantage point now I can tell you that the initial interest in polygamy probably NEVER comes solely from lust. In several studies of why men cheat Lust in all of its characteristics is very LOW on the list. It is usually a myriad of other things like conversation (true conversation not that taking of turns while letting words fall out of your mouth). I always say that the failure of marriage is 90% communication failure. Well I now understand that insecurity and knowledge of self also play a humongous part in the failure of a marriage as well. If you don't know yourself then you can't communicate that to your partner, and if you are insecure then you will hold back vital information that the other person needs to understand where the first is coming from upon which he will make his decisions and if needed alter his behavior.

    Polygamous desires may arise out of a need to talk, feel charitable, save the Ummah or a myriad of other reasons. Sex however is always a poor reason for wanting polygamy.

    What Bilal Philips says is true, but the extent of which I'm not in complete agreement with. I didn't marry my wife on lust. Lust came with familiarity, but it wasn't the impetus to get married in the first place. I had two girlfriends at the time who knew about each other and where in no hurry to rock the boat. It was during Ramadan and I knew that if I didn't get married by the time Ramadan ended there wasn't anything to stop me from becoming a full freakaholic. So it was a running away from non-halal lust that pushed me to get married and not lust itself.

  9. As Salaamu Alaikum Muhammad, I apologize for my comment above that seems more like an advertisement. I left that comment simply because there had been no activity on the site for a while and I thought it wouldn't matter getting my comment in that way. I'm glad you're actively blogging again. You have a nice site.

    I tried listening to the audio above; however, I don't have the attention span for the audio. I'd rather read a post and comment.


  10. I don't care if "I invented the internet" was to discredit me.

    Think about what I say. Consider what I teach.
    When I am no longer here or no longer teach the Gods ARE NOT going to share with you.
    Even if you doubt now you need to remember the principles that I teach because the Gods ARE NOT going to be generous with the disfavored. Society is going to become disturbingly ugly as we approach the Apocalypse due to spiralling, runaway disfavor, WHETHER CONCEALED IN REVERSE POSITIONING OR NOT (like Christianity, like money), and you are going to be on your own.
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