Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mosques and Riffa Fort

New album updated. Check out the new pics I think these are some of the best ones yet.


  1. I checked out the photos.....I kept the one that should have had the boat framed in the arches....yeah...I see what you would have been amazing if you would have got it that way.....

    So I notice that you still have the camera on ur list of things to want.....

    But I must say...masha seem to talk about taking pictures like you know what ur doing....LOLOL!!! I have a great pic that I should send you.....

  2. Yeah I will be posting some more. Probably today.

    No the camera isn't on there I don't think but the lenses are. They cost more than my camera. There is a new camera that just came out. After I master some more photography tips I will probably step up to that camera. But it is $4000 I'm going to have to do some serious loving to get that one.

    Yes send me the pic you have my address. I think.