Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How Disney Hoes out our girls

It's not the first time that Disney stars have been turned out. The list is becoming long and glamorous of all of the Teeny Bopper leading ladies being whored out by the media, or by themselves. The latest applicant to the hoochie field is Vanessa Ann Hudgens. My daughter idolizes this girl. I don't like it. I never wanted to get that stupid machine in my home but there it is the TV.

So how does Disney do it, or rather Hollywood because of the actresses need to "break the mold" so to say apparently right after running off of the Disney set the actresses are I suppose pressured into doing more Adult roles. Usually of the mildly pornographic nature. She comes currently on the heels of Lindsay Lohan, Anne Hathaway and even Hillary Duff is jumping in on the Hoochie wagon. What happens is the stars that our children are watching suddenly get sucked into the world of supposed adulthood and then they Hooch out and Bam the parent is left dumbfounded and completely undermined as the person that they entrusted their child's decency to has slutted themselves out to the industry. So then what basis do you have to stand on? So now you have to start back pedaling. I say throw out all of the friggin TV's and then you won't have such a problem up close and personal.


  1. as salaam alaikum:

    right on. it's one of the reasons we don't have a tv in our house...haven't in 15 years! although, on the computer you can just about get the same thing, and more...

    and btw, when did adulthood start equating with immodesty and whoredom?


  2. SIGH!

    My oldest used to like Lindsy Lohan and Hilary Duff....but now she goes on and on about how Lindsy is a drunk, in rehab with a horrible slutty mother...etc etc.

    So now she thinks that Hilary Duff is a good girl. And then we see Cheaper by the Dozen 2....OMG! What happened to cute and slightly chubby Hilary? She's anorexed out on us!

    SIGH! And then I think back to my days.....and now I look at Drew Barrymore.....

    I think we've just got to tell our kids that we don't judge our own self worth by the actresses, movie stars....or anyone other than muslims......we judge ourselves according to our own intentions based on the goodness of our own character.

    And then we just hope they agree.....

    May Allah protect our new generations of muslims...ameen.

  3. Asalamalaykom,

    It's pervasive.

    Don't forget the Olsen Twins!

    As I mentioned on my blog, the Bratz dolls are what really gets me.

  4. Those have got to be some of the skankiest dolls in the whole world. I mean all they need is a Pimp and it would be a complete prostitute set. I would never even let my girls play with those dolls and when someone gives me one of them it goes straight into the trash. We only have one product from that line and that is a pair of shoes and that is only because her grandfather bought those shoes and he should know better but he didn't apparently.