Thursday, September 06, 2007

Polygamy on the late Show

Subhannallah Sister MizAzeez wrote this book quite a while ago and I am only now giving her the credit. I haven't read it yet but I plan to download it and read it. She has an electronic version. I hope that it will be a resource to any of you who wish to read it.


  1. as salaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatuallahi wa barakaaatuhu

    I recommend another book for you to read it is called..from Monogamy to polygyny: A Way through

    by umm abdur rahman hirschfelder
    and umm yasmeen Rahmaan it is published by Daussalam

    I found this book to very beneficial as well..she breaks everything down as what the difference is between monogamy,polygyny and poloygamy

    I've benefitted...We (husband and I) talked about polygyny before marriage and we cont'd to speak on it on and off..

    I find that when you have an open communication and your able to talk about any everything it will make things a little easier for when your husband does decide to take on another won't be such a shock...and that just my perspective.

    take caer look forward to what you may right next....before you asked have I purchased the book of Miz Azeez no I haven't I read her blog daily up until it was suggested that she turn it into a book ..

    I wish the sister much success
    take care...Umm Amatullah

    (oh! pardon grammatical errors)

  2. Everyone talks about the man's sexual needs in the context of polygamy...but what about the womans?

    The modern woman wants sex, and isnt ashamed to admit it to her husband and girl friends. So what's a wife to do while he husband is out with wife number 2?

    How is it fair/appropiate for a women to be left unsatisfied, while her husband is with another woman? In islam marriage is supposed to be a confort, if you have to wait every other night or every three nights for comfort...obviously the marriage purpose is not being fulfilled and the woman's needs are not being fulfilled on an adequate basis.