Saturday, September 15, 2007

America is back pedaling

Is America slowly sinking back into the cesspool of an ignorant racist country? Has it ever left that cesspool? These are questions that most Americans should ask. The link is to a news story of Megan Williams covered by Fox News of all people about a woman who was captured by a redneck family and forced to have sex and eat rat droppings and drink out of the toilet. Unlike the Jena 6 this redneck family will be prosecuted. At first reading this I was surprised that the hate crimes charge was dropped from the case, but only after prosecutors saw that the kidnapping and sexual assault carried stiffer charges.

The wisdom behind a story like this bears in mind a Hadith that I recall where the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhe Wa Salam said that in the end of days beware of the bastard children. Psychologically this demographic will have a high ratio of mental issues. Especially issues where basic human compassion are concerned. In cases of Racism and hate the basest of evils rears its ugly head. You wonder how could someone kidnap someone and force them to perform sex, but in a society where sex is a commercial rubric it is not hard at all to foresee. If you couple that with our bloodthirsty war-mongering President as an example of leadership then all intolerant behavior falls inline.

It is sad to see a great nation slipping into the abyss of complete moral depravity and social disconnect. Maybe the Muslims there will do their/our jobs and bring peace to the region.


  1. I take exception to your blanket statement that bastard children will have issues regarding 'basic human compassion'. Not all 'bastards' will have major psychological issues - I do not think my son has any more 'problems' than the great percentage of young people his age do. And by societal standards he is definitely a bastard. He is one of the biggest softies I have ever met - I can still see him crawling into his Aunt's lap when she was crying - hugging her and snggling her and telling her it will be all right - he was all of four and although there is a shell now - it is easily cracked. He is now 25 years old, happily married, a man of great faith, hard working, contributing member of society.

    Sorry you touched a nerve - could you tell??

  2. I understand that not all of them do and that can never be extracted from a blanket statement. I apologize if you took offense. It looks like you did a great Job raising him. Now are you going to answer my other questions for expanded detail of your quandary?

  3. Remind me of your other questions. Have been kind of addled lately - no water and no food does this to me - LOL.