Monday, July 21, 2008

Searching for a new...wife??

The Women's News Network is non-stop. So the latest news on the wire is that I am privately conversing with a new prospective wife. Well I can honestly say that I am looking for a new wife about as hard as I am looking for a hydrochloric acid enema. No I am not looking I have much more pressing matters to attend to. Like going from no custody battle to a full on one and all of the fun that is all about. It seems that whenever there is a moment of weakness in my heart about reconciliation something happens in my life to say pause...what were you thinking? So it is happened again that reconfirmation that I am on the right path with a fog horn in the ear. So I press on.

However just for the sake of argument let's just see what such a marriage ad would look like.

Recently soon-to-be-divorced Muslim man with 3 small children living with him in his mother's house and 2 ex-wives seeks one or two loving sisters for marriage, preferably professional so that I can be a stay at home dad. We will all live in one house and I am still desperately in love with my soon-to-be ex-wife. I am completely broke and heavily in debt so you will have to carry the load and you (all) will need to furnish your own abode as I am not ready to introduce my children to anyone at this time so I will technically be all yours the both of you possibly when and if my current soon-to-be ex-wife has visitation or after the children go down for bed whichever comes first. I am a polygamist at heart, I suppose since the issue isn't dead, but I am fiercely faithful and a great father, I change diapers and do dishes. I don't do little girls hair. I have no trust at all for women so you can have no expectation of privacy, until Allah blesses me to let that go. Love Sunsets, poetry and praying Fajr and Isha in the mosque.

Now let's sit back and watch the sisters come running in from the hills off of that one.

Really now, I am in no shape to entertain remarriage. Everytime I think about reconciling with my ex some crap happens to kill that mood, and now I am faced with a stupid-ass custody battle, my kids don't deserve this.

We are in Virginia now and having a great time. I had to put my foot in my renters ass, but come the fifth of next month if I don't have my rent, I won't have any mercy. I'm broke and for the first time behind on all of my bills. Sheesh. My Daughter got to play with some good close friends. She claims that they are destined to marry and I wouldn't be surprised, since they have been inseperable since they became friends. They would make a cute couple. My house got rented yay, but it turns out to move them in I needed $3200 bucks that I don't have, but in 4 months or so it will show some fruit. I just need to pass my real estate exam, but in the mean time I may be working at pizza hut. So Insha Allah we will see what is next around the corner. I pray to Allah for Afia against this trial.

My heart still doesn't care and would take her back in a heartbeat, but I have common sense. Release her in kindness or else it will get really ugly. So I am trying.

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