Saturday, July 05, 2008

Early Mourning

The Mourning is still, but life still exists

Fish flit to and fro as sunbeams penetrate their world

Seeking the sustenance only Allah can give

The Duck family with duckings all in a row

The beauty of family Present in the dawn

The turtles dance an intricate ballet, Oblivious of the pain of passersby, they dance on

This Mourning is so still

The beginning of a healing

The sun is rising upon this day, complete in its promise and stillness

A moment of clarity swirls in the mud, displaced amongst the darkness

The sight of one who can now see intertwined with the blind

Why does Allah purify us like this?

These moments of concentrated wisdom, they would break those who aren't destined to carry them

Is it a birth of a brave new morning

Will this labor bring forth a Godly child, or will it be stillborn and apparent to reflect the value of life and what is real

This Mourning is over, the Dawn is dead

Must I be relegated to the wisdom of the cool heads

They say to wait when pain and anger say go

So I ask why?

But the love is still there, and will not be silenced

Who would know how much one could take

Love keeps on striving on, through all of the muck

The Dark and Foul filth of this stench will pass like foam from the furnace

Leaving what is pure?

The day burns on

All that was yesterday, today is fully dead

Is there any wisdom in this heart, or the words of the cool heads?

The Pain is dead and that is good

Now out of the Darkness and through the dawn past the Early Mourning we must see this child in the full light of this bright new day

Even as life goes on clueless of that which was put asunder

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