Saturday, July 12, 2008

Reflecting on Safa

Thinking back at all of the information we gave Safa now in my own situation I stand staring at myself. Looking at all of the information, all of the answered Duas for clarity, through the denial, through the pain, with all of the questions answered the only thing left is the decision. Safa knew all along what the deal was, yet she plodded along. I knew what I should have done on the 20th of April, but still I plod along delaying the inevitable. I have or should I say we have made our decision and I can say that I still love her just as much as I did in the early part of our marriage, and you can't believe it, but sometimes it is true and you have to move on. I can say this isn't going to take 2 years, but I should have stayed with my first decision, so that is that.


On to bigger and brighter things like the joys of single parentage. Tips please!! I've got it down with the exception of the girls hair and dinner, but the dinner part is just me being lazy. My Mom is cooking now and that works out, but she is going to stop. Completely broke I will have to get a new job or something to make ends meet, but it is not going to kill me. We (the kids and I) are going to make it. I think we will go either to the zoo or the museum today and then follow it up with going to the beach. One day this month I will go to the west coast of Florida to get sunset pictures She'll have the kids on Sunday so I think either Monday or Tuesday I will get a sunrise picture off of South Beach and then do a walk-a-bout it should be interesting.

I suppose you have to really think about what you ask Allah for because you will get it. I asked for the desire of polygamy be removed and at this point in my life I can honestly say that I don't want anything from any woman. My eyes have changed and I can look at someone just as they are, a human being and know that I don't want anything from them and that is beautiful. So good things come out of bad things. I'm not promising anyone anything. I'm definitely not looking and I'm NOT horny and that is a good thing too. Maybe one day I will get horny again and then maybe I'll start looking at that point for the sake of my Deen, but fasting I'm sure will suffice until I get to where I really want to be.

Da Da da da da da Life goes on, and Love is not an easy thing to kill. My parents say that we will probably be good friends after it is all said and done and that is good. We are still good friends now, but it is definitely over.

Oh well as you know single parents don't always have time to blog so stay tuned. Peace Love and chicken sandwiches.

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