Monday, July 14, 2008

Beautiful Morning

This morning was beautifully serene. It was the first morning without my kids, she is bringing them over so that I can take them to school though. It is all good. We are in the dismantling of ourselves stage. Last night I got the rest of my stuff from out of her apartment. So I have no reason to go back over there except to drop off or pick up the kids and really that can be done from my place. I think that it is sad to say that she has been deluded by a facade and now the reality of that facade is coming to a close.

The fantasy world that she dreamed about and believed in is coming to a grinding halt and reality is setting in. We however are going to be ok. I will pick the kids up today and take them to the park and by their cousins and she can come and pick them up from there if she wants. Life is going to be ok. It will go on. I am going to put my kids into therapy. I will make that call today along with the other fifty errands that I have to do.

I have three days to get my studying done for my real estate school so I can get my license. Yeah the market is crap now but I look at it this way. I will be a disciplined Real Estate person and I can cut out all of the crap that doesn't work and as a single parent (divorced parent) I can become more efficient in all of my business dealings. It is going to be a challenge, but I will make it work. Insha Allah.

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  1. Dear Muhammad,

    I have been wanting to say something encouraging but find I am at a loss for words when I think about what you and Sakinah must be going through. I think therapy is a great idea -- and for you, too, if you are willing. You are a good father and they have a good mother so insha'Alah you will both work out the way to be good parents even through divorce.

    What you are going through now is so hard, I know, but believe me when I say it will make you stronger. I've done the single parent thing, re-educated myself to start a new career, and gotten out there taking the world on as a single person. I'm happy now and I pray you will be soon, too, insha'Allah.

    And btw, your service to your country should be a big selling point in the job market. I am sure you learned many skills and a great sense of discipline. Market that!