Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Going forward

Today is the start of the going forward. The Islamic divorce has already taken place. It started before I got home. Her 3rd menses is still ongoing. She went to the doctor yesterday about it and they said it was stress related. It will all be over soon Insha Allah. Her biggest thing is that it is my fault, but after you've said sorry what and asked what you can do to fix it and try that what else is there to do?

In the beginning you accept the responsibility and at the end you just don't care any more. So it is over. I was happy, I still love her, but it is done.

I have to find childcare for the rest of the month. That is something that I have to start today. I have to leave out of here by 0530 to get my kids to the current babysitter and then make it to work by 0630. It is going to be a pain but I suppose I will need to learn how to be resourceful and efficient. Ah the joys of divorce.

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