Friday, December 15, 2006

To all

I've decided not to end my blog. Why? Because primarily it's my frigging blog. I'm going to keep posting stuff and as my Deen gets back to a state of complete obedience my posts will affect people on a higher plane. I am just a man after all. I feel, I laugh, I cry I have doubts and aspirations. (I'm pissed now cause I wrote a lot more, but my Treo doesn't cache things into memory like a pc) .Anyways I had said that at this point in my life I just need to blog. So I may say things that are cold and harsh or sweet and lovely, or things that are completely innappropriate to say. Just know that this is where I am now. I'm really not concerned with armchair critics. I censored some of my blog because of the affect on my wife and ex-cowife's relationships not necessarily because I felt like censoring my blog, with the exception of the stuff that I shouldn't have posted in the first place because of the sensitive nature.
The truth is that I'm going to keep posting here, sometimes without thinking which will inevitably be taken down, probably, maybe or not. For the new Muslim reading my blog know that I'm just a human and right now I'm not being the most Muslim. Know that you will go through things in your Deen and you may not have the energy to be as Muslim as you should, just never lose sight of the final goal and Insha Allah you will make it. Don't lie, call a sin a sin. Those who lose their way decieve themselves first and then they are open to anything.

Gotta go home now. Kiddies are with big sis.

Blogging with my Treo... Man I love this thing.

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  1. wise decision. like u said its ur frigging blog, so u should
    be free to blog as and when u like. ahy care about armchair critics