Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Super Evil

I have been thinking for some time now about this post. Looking at the conflicts around the world noticing the evil that they display. The African conflicts being the most brutal it seems with the machete-ing of innocents. What is that. I feel that the governments of the west that send their agents to foriegn lands to debilitate their governments and incite war for the betterment of all to fat corporations in their homeland are creating an evil that can only be summed up as the Super Evil. That evil that is not afraid of powers that be or the good of humanity. The evil that will take a machete to a newly born child regardless of race, or creed or origin without discretion. That evil that will send megaton bombs to diverse populations of innocent people without as much as blinking an eye. That evil that will seep plutonium and other poisons into the water supply of unsuspecting populations to sway the future generations to a life of servitude, disease and hopelessness.

Before I wrote that terrorism and riots never affect whom they claim to be against, Well the fact is neither do wars. I suppose that Saddam could have been taken out with a few Spec Ops, but no we had to drop Megaton Bombs on the place. I mean if they really wanted him all they had to do was feign some sort of recognition award and attract him to a spot where they could off-him. Or better yet since we put him in office, just revoke his status. He was a good dog I'm sure he would have stood down.

What I'm concerned with is the soldiers that are out there in these conflict zones coming home to Mama. Which in many cases is the US. Many of the Afghan freedom fighters live here, South & Central Americans live here, Africans live here and just about any other nationality from any conflict zone lives here. I ask what happens when or if they turn against the nation who most probably instigated the conflict in the first place. What then? Will I have to worry about a machete weilding mob coming to cut down all of the Muslims in Fredericksburg? Or all the blacks? Or everybody born in September or some other such nonsense?

As Americans we tend to think of our country kind of being invincible. However we fail to realize how delicate the balance really is. Yes we are a mighty nation, but that might depends upon several frailties remaining in place. Trust is a big one. Trust that the nation will come to the aid of it's citizens. Hurricane Katrina quickly dispelled that myth, at least not as quickly as the multitudes of impoverished would like, and if you notice they and their images are no longer seen on the evening news but their plight continues. If other natural or manmade catastrophes where to take place in our country in a relatively short span of time the Trust that we have in our government would be severely eroded. The next is respect/fear if it were to happen that the grand populace no longer respected or feared our government then all chaos would break loose. Could you imagine that all of a sudden everyone on the freeway accelerated to 110 mph and refused to slow down even at the presence of State troopers with lights blaring. The only thing that would stop them is an accident and the hopes that everyone else would obey the rules. If there arose an organization that strategically attacked those institutions that instilled trust in the governement or imposed respect or fear then our nation would quickly enter a downward spiral into a military state something which the Patriot Act was designed for and America home of the free would cease to exist.

Is it so implausible? No, America is primarily fashioned after Rome in ideology and therefore will most plausibly follow it's fate whereas it is not confronted by an outside conflict, but moreover an internal ones, mainly spurned by greed and individual gain. It would only seem logical that if one were to seek to destroy this great nation that one only has to center upon the greed of it's leaders, the rest is entirely predictable.

So you say that the next great terrorist attack is not done in the interest of a political party, or a religious calling or no other noble cause, but just simply to affect the markets and make a couple of million dollars. Then to use that to sell to nations, groups, political ideologies. In essence to subcontract the destruction of the free world. This is the point that embarks the era of the Super Evil, because when America falls all of the horrors that have been predominate in the world will come home to roost and the ensuing power vacuum that it will leave behind will open the door to many atrocities. So as hated as America may be in various places around the world it is currently in everyones best interest that it remain in place. If America where to fall the clamour to power will destroy nations of innocents

So I am aware and very apprehensive of the Super Evil.


  1. Hmmm... I'm digesting your post, but I think I agree with the gist of it. Maybe I'll blog my response/thoughts...