Monday, December 04, 2006

Free a Slave

I think that I have joked about the whole women whose right hand possess thing. However the fact of the matter is it is no joking matter. A small glimpse into the dark reality of what is modern slavery quickly takes me to a place of activism and education even if it is only this blog entry. I started by researching and asking you to research beaten wife syndrome. A look into the cycle of abuse and the psychological affects that is associated with it. I came across this description.


Psychology of the Battered Woman Syndrome



The woman refuses to admit--even to herself--that she has been beaten or that there is a "problem" in her marriage. She may call each incident an "accident". She offers excuses for her husband's violence and each time firmly believes it will never happen again.


She now acknowledges there is a problem, but considers herself responsible for it. She "deserves" to be beaten, she feels, because she has defects in her character and is not living up to her husband's expectations.


The woman no longer assumes responsibility for her husband's abusive treatment, recognizing that no one "deserves" to be beaten. She is still committed to her marriage, though, and stays with her husband, hoping they can work things out.


Accepting the fact that her husband will not, or can not, stop his violent behavior, the battered woman decides she will no longer submit to it and starts a new life.


This information is located here. So like I was saying I was looking at how Pimps are able to keep their victims and came across this Google Search leading me here. I remember when I was in Hawaii meeting an activist that was a former prostitute who started a non-profit organization SOS Sisters offering Support who spoke on our Islamic radio show about the reality of Hawaii as a hub for sex-trafficking because of it’s location Hawaii and Guam are revolving doors for sexual slavery throughout Japan and other countries.


I fear for any headstrong runaway that find themselves in the coils of the sex trade. It is a sinister reality, I did not know that the problem was so expansive. You can’t help but feel sorrowful about the situation. I think some of the latest movies that have come out have shown light on the traffic of Slavic and Eastern European traffic trade however the immensity and magnitude of the problem is epidemic.


In my job I was apart of an operation that prevented a Chinese human smuggling attempt. However I do not know how successful we were really looking back at it. We stopped a Chinese vessel with immigrants trying to come to the west. They were in dire conditions. They were to be transported and sold into sweatshops in the U.S. The women & girls would be sold into brothels here in America. They would be told that they had to work off their debt and never told how much that was. The crew felt good that we intercepted this evil, however what actually happened to the people is beyond us. We played Amistad on our boat and felt all patriotic or important or whatever. I suppose in the end they were returned to the worse than crappy conditions that they were trying to flee, and relegated to an unending servitude to the thugs that put them on the boat in the first place. So a life of prostitution in the U.S. or a life of really hard prostitution in China either way it sucks.


Do I have time to take up a cause? I don’t know I suppose that you have time to do whatever you set your mind to. I don’t know what I will do with this knowledge after this post, or if I will do anything else at all. I know that I will pray though. Pray for all of those who are completely unable to help themselves.


I suppose in the end the link between battered women, prostitutes and pimps is the psychological cycle that binds them. The hope that things will get better, the fear of reprisal, and despair of help ever arising or actually being real. I know of a story of a woman being beaten in public and a dignitary from the country offering a way out and it being refused. I suppose in the heart of the battered woman there is a seed of the original love and from that seed the hope of a beautiful tree sprouting out continues to shine. I believe that until one chooses to no-longer be oppressed they will continue to be oppressed. The Quran states that oppression is worse than slaughter and I can see how. For in oppression the victim eventually gets overtaken with despair and in despair there is no faith and nothing honorable, and finally they severe their connection with Allah Subhannahu Wa Tala. I wonder if Allah then rewards them with Jennah for the Hellish conditions that they have to go through.


I pray for all of those in those situations of slavery and those locked in a mental cycle of beaten wife syndrome Insha Allah they will be rewarded for their trials in this life and in the hereafter. Ameen.


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