Tuesday, December 12, 2006

180 out

Okay all I think that I've corrupted the masses enough. I know that sex is very interesting stuff to talk about but it has caused too much fitnah. Me talking about my innermost feelings has caused too much fitnah, so I'll have to go boring for a while until I can find a niche of stuff to talk about that if it hurts people's feelings it won't be potentially Deen damaging. Like where you put your hands in Salat or something lame. (Not that how you pray is lame it is just a well debated subject amongst the ignorant. How you pray can be researched in all of the works of fiqh). I think my sexual views are less conflictory and safer to talk about than my political views. I don't know guys I'll find ground somewhere.

Sorry to the brother that I caused a ripple in his relationship. May Allah bless your marriage and you live a long happy life. My intention in this blog isn't to cause fitnah, but to give a male perspective. So that women know what a man thinks (especially if they don't have that kind of relationship with their husband, not that I am interested in usurping their place as a husband, or a lover or anything else, but just so they can get an understanding of what a man may be thinking, kind of like a close brother). I don't mean to cause fitnah. I would just like others to be able to develop a relationship as close as mine. Now though I am in turmoil of how can I add benefit to others without causing massive amounts of fitnah. In both my relationship and yours.

My interest in psychology adds curiosity of why people think the way that they do. So I guess I'll think of something because this blog helps me get it out. I don't know what I would do without it. I've deleted several posts and a few comments. So from here on is a renewal. It may be more of the same, but harnessed by what is and what is not Islamic. Wow. How this blog has grown. Insha Allah it will metamorphasize into something that is beneficial to all that read it.

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