Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm Scared for her.

Ok all I hope that is my last rant, well maybe not. I'm sure I'll rant on in the future. This however is scared for my wifee. She is one stitch away from death. She went to work last night and I told her that it would be the last time that she would be going. I was kind of aloof of the severity of the situation. The fact is if her bag where to rupture she would be dead in minutes. There is no ambulatory service that would be able to get to my house in time to save her. If it ruptured while she was driving she would probably crash, and she has a lead foot like me, and she usually has all of the kids.

So I really have to rethink this whole situation. I think I'm going to send my kids away to my dad's for the next 4 months. She doesn't want me to there are some here that will watch, but I need to get a second job too. I don't know, but I do know that I want my wife more than any check she can bring in.

I'll call my friend and see if I can use his direct tv stuff. They say that the pay is pretty good. And then there's that other tech place that I can probably log into. I forget the name, but I'll check that out too. I have to get the house finished though so I'm like screwed. Insha Allah we will all make it.


  1. Sorry to hear about your wife, InshaAllah all will be well. I'll keep her in my duas.

  2. I looked it up on the net....and found it quite scary. I think it's wise of you to start taking some precautions.....masha Allah! I pray things go just fine......and that your wife takes it easy. I think from all the things that you can control around her, I wonder if she'll just sit back? Remember when she needed the cerclage, she still would get up and clean and cook when she was supposed to be on complete bedrest.

    Whatever happened to the great sorting of the laundry? 14 outfits?

  3. Assalamu Aleikum,

    I was going through Safa's blogroll and clicked on the blogs she reads. I read this post and was like, WHOA, put on the breaks, here.

    If you need to take on a second job if your wife doesn't work, how in the world were you going to afford a second family. Whuwee! SubhanAllah!

    Far from giving a religious talk here, I'd like to point out a fact you probably already know, your wife is not obligated to work and if she does the money she earns is for her discretion in spending, not for paying bills.

    It seems like if she didn't work and you took another wife who also didn't work, then you would need three jobs?

    Frankly, it is so strange to me.

    Also, the title of the last post is enough for me, don't need to read it, but based on the title alone, I will tell you that:

    A) it is haram. Not allowed. Under any circumstances. Period. (you probably already know this)

    B) I would be afraid of a woman who wants another woman in bed with her. (it's kinda the same as a man who wants another man in the equation-you have to wonder what her intentions are and they might deflect from paying attention to you!)

    I don't need to read the entry. But basically, I think you need to spend more time doing dhikr, and fasting, prayer, etc. Don't let your nafs endanger your jennah.

    Jennah will be better.

  4. asalam aleykum. I couldn't have put it better than the last anonymous, mashallah! Heed the advice bro, occupy your mind and thoughts with dhikr and your body with worship.

    You dont want to immerse yourself in this filth, it may take you to another place you don't want to go, and Allah knows best!Love your wife as you should islamically but love Allah more and desire more to please Him in all you do.

  5. Please try to keep her from doing too much and to chill. You are in my dua's.

  6. Thank you I will try to keep all my readers in my Dua's as well.

    We are down to actually less than 14 outfits currently, but only because they are all at the other house in bags yet to make the exodus to this one. We've decided that she isn't going back to work, even though we have $500 in overdraft fees and all our bills are due in 3 days. I think we will find a way Insha Allah. It is pretty scary though the only thing holding my wife together is a single stitch if it breaks or if she gets into an accident or falls and ruptures she has 15 to 30 minutes tops before she bleeds to death. She is forbidden to drive and someone that knows how to use a phone has to be around her at all times. She is resting with her hips up. I wouldn't care if she got hospitalized.

    1st and 2nd Anonymous I'm not going to let arrogance consume me in responding to your posts. All I'm going to say is just use wisdom in your efforts to rectify someone's Deen the kinder the words the easier they are accepted by the ears, especially for someone who knows something. Jazakallah Khair for your comments.

    May Allah Bless you Rain thank you for the Dua's you are in mine.

  7. salams, I would love to hear the views and comments concerning polygany from the ex-co-wife-to-be. Did you scare her off with you and your wife's menage a trios madness? What is her thoughts of being with a women sexually? How did she feel about your lack of income and you wanting your first wife to earn money to support the family? etc. etc.

    Please ask Allah to take away the haram sexual desires you and your wife share and I will make the same dua for you two as well.

    Sorry to know about your complications with the pregnancy. May Allah be with you.

  8. Well you probably can, but she doesn't have access to post on my blog so you'll have to track her down by other means, but she reads my blog so I suppose you can ask her yourself. However a more appropriate question is why the hell do you want to know so that you can berate her about my desires in standard Salat Police fashion? Please I could care less about personal attacks (or genuine Nasiha), but leave my girls out of it.

    I thank you for your dua and I wish the same to you. About haram desires they will remain with you forever, having them is not the problem acting on them is. I pray for the power of restraint and I pray the same for you.

    Thank you for your concern about the pregnancy peace be with you as well.

    Wa A'laikum AsSalaam