Friday, December 08, 2006

Darwin was wrong

Any indepth study into evolutionism and Darwinism will let you know that Darwin was an Idiot. Honestly the racism that his further works which state that the Irish are the cesspool of human evolution and must be prevented from mating at all costs will let you know the depth of his idiocrisy. If only the anti-evolutionist would quote such statements they would get further. (Technically this is heresay from John Taylor Gatto I have to actually read the book he quotes, but I still think Darwin is an idiot)

So I was watching this special on the Discovery Science channel about how the earth was formed and everything. Very interesting stuff and how land is formed and the whole tectonic plates thing. It was all very interesting and stimulating. So then I began to reflect on how the Quran hadith state how we got here. Modern Science for lack of a decent reference point state that we evolved out of millions of years of evolution from base life systems. I say not. I think that as spiritualist we are looking at the entire thing in the wrong context. The Quran states that Adam was in Heaven and messed up and was sent here. In other words he is an alien, and so are we all. I reflected on this point (Amazing Earth Part 1 & 2) that to get water to our planet giant Ice comets crashed into the earth colliding with the heat to produce the oceans and everything. I hypothesize that in that water was life frozen from where-ever it came from and from this life began on this planet. If this theorem can hold true then also the theorem of more advanced life forms arriving to this planet in similar fashion. This lessens the likelyhood of evolution as a whole on the grand scale, because some of what he theorizes as evolution does hold true on a micro scale, but does not pan out on a macro specie defining level. Also looking back at the old ape to man charts that they have force fed us with over the years I notice a distinct cut from one specie to the next. Our planet is in a constant state of flux and Allah creates and then recreates. I believe that each creation has its time and place and then meets with its apocalypse only to have a subsequent creation supplant it. The humonoids that have roamed this planet may have had their own revelations and subsequent destructions only to be upgraded however they didn't blend into the next iteration of humonoid, but were completely replaced. So the relevancy of our destruction is purely singular in nature and completely disconnected from the rest of life on this planet. So that our existance is involved in a myriad of existences and our heaven will be one of many heavens in the grand scheme of everything that the creator has made.

This is an indepth theory that is in its infancy however I believe that it would solve a lot of the debating that the "Abrahamic" religions fight with science because it forms a platform that is rational and plausible. I'm not a scientist or anything, but it would make sense to me to think outside of the box on this one. As a Muslim I know for a fact that Adam didn't start his existence on this planet he was sent here from someplace else. (Well I still have to get that explained by a scholar so don't completely take that as Haqq, but you know what I'm saying) So then my theory would go on to state that for each organism that lived on this planet and then became extinct like cromangnum man (I think I spelled that wrong) had his existence and prophets and guidance and his existence ran its course and they met with their Judgement Day and then the cycle repeated itself and so now here we are. We will live our lives as Homo Sapiens until our time is called and then we will return, possibly replaced by some other type of Homo (It means human not Gay sheesh LOL)

Well that is my theory, based on my interpretation of Quranic verses. The only question is the 30' tall people that walked the earth we still have to find some of those remains and then everything will be in place, er I think.


  1. Quoting: Leroy
    Anonymous said...
    Dear Muhammad,
    Isnt it amazing that most can't consciously fathom the evolution of man on any planet let alone earth. Your supposition of the origin of mans mental acuity by water born astroids is most refreshing, thankyou for the laugh. But seriously- comparisons between the low realms of the animal kingdom to the highest should give at least some hint as to how we are the natural end result of a most mammoth series of manifestations of intellect. ie, common carp fish to dolphin.
    Also I couldnt find reference to the Irish slur from Darwin- if it is to be located within one of his most prestigious later works- The Descent of man and Selection in Relation to Sex- he states in relation to our capabilities "nor could we check our sympathy, even at the urging of hard reason, without deterioration in the noblest part of our nature." So how does the Irish thing work?

    Well Leroy about the quote I did acqueisce that I got it from someone else "John Taylor Gatto of Dumbing us down fame". I haven't read any of Darwins books but now that an intellectual challenge is on the table I just might, thanks as if I didn't have enough to do LOL.

    No what I'm saying is plausible for if one organism came to this planet from someplace else then it is then plausible that the rest did as well. The fact of the matter states that in the early creation of earth there was no water in any vast quantities. If the vast quantities of our water came from someplace else such as ice-born asteroids then it is plausible that those asteroids or comets more precisely bore the life-force that inhabits this planet. I think that a great test would be the Icecaps of Mars, or if Mars used to have Seas and oceans the beds of such extinct oceans. Then if that has veracity, micro organisms or otherwise, then it could be stated that all life emanates from a life source and is distributed to other planets like sperm and impregnates them with life. The life source would be Heaven or the Life-Giver or Allah. Then it would be legitimate that if lower life forms are transported from planetary system to planetary sistem then it is also plausible for more advanced life-systems. We all know that cryogenics is a viable storage vessel for life so it is actually not so far fetched. I also believe that I read that all humans DNA comes from two humans. I haven't followed up on the study, but when I read it that is what it said. It was like in time or something. Judging from the splitting of DNA and tracing it back it doesn't go all the way back to pre-historic times if I am not mistaken. More stuff to research.

    I have to admit that these are concepts that I suppose just by looking at the stuff around me and reading the Quran and hypothesizing, but a scholarly look into it is a beautiful tickle to the intellect. At any rate it is another angle at a question that scientist have no true handle on. As canons in the scientific community are based on hypothesis and popularity for many findings. And speculating the origins of Man and how this planet became teeming with life is an area that no scientist can cornerstone as of yet. Definetely not Darwin. As I understand a brief jaunt into Micro-biology proves this. More research curses.

  2. Whoo... I have a ton to say on this, but I need to organize my thoughts and look up a couple of things. More later.

  3. This rant reminds me of people who never read the Bible yet try to explain to others why they think it's crap.

    OK so I do think Bible is crap, but at least I've read it. And honestly, Darwin's theory makes much more sense to me than Bible, Quran and few other religious books combined (which I also read). Oh, and I've studied Darwin theory, by the way, and no, Irish were not mentioned in it.

  4. Earlier I was all stoked on going off about this, but now not so much, probably because I'm sleepy. However the fact that science for the most part is someone thinking up some stuff and then publishing it is primarily a popularity contest. Copernicus was considered crazy when he first postulated that the earth was round. I will read the Darwin stuff just so that I fully know about what I'm calling Bullshit. If it isn't then I will acquiesce the argument.

    My premise states that life on this planet came from somewhere else, or at least human life. Derived primarily from the verse 2:36 But Satan caused them both to stumble therein, and thus brought about the loss of their erstwhile state. [29] And so We said: "Down with you, [and be henceforth] enemies unto one another; and on earth you shall have your abode and your livelihood for a while !" [30] Now of this I base my premise Adam and Wife were in heaven they disobeyed so they had to leave and they were sent here. My argument lies in the Sent here part.

    We all know that water is the essence of every living thing on this planet. When this planet was created there was no water here. The water came from someplace else the dark reaches of space or whatever in the form of Ice Comets as other scientist have us to believe (I'll read up on it). I believe these Ice comets hit other planets as well, Mars for example. If samples of fossilized organisms can be found on such planets then you can jump off that plane and posit that the same thing happened here, which generates the curiosity where is the lifesource that was frozen accidentally or purposefully which landed us here where we are.

    The Quran is not a science book although its scientific references are spot on from what I read. From the gestational cycle of human beings to why we have mountains to the fact that large water bodies don't mix. It has been significantly more spot on than the bible and 1400 or so years before modern science. So when the theory of Darwin comes up trumping the Quran I'm highly suspect and it leads me to one of two assumptions either the scientist or the interpretation of the verses are wrong.

    Furthermore the Quran is a revelation of revelance and primarily what is relevant is that your soul is saved. All other allegories are brought to bear so that with certainty you can know that the book is correct and heed its warnings and adjust your life accordingly.

    I apologize for not verifying the veracity of John Taylor Gatto's claims about what Darwin said I just took his word for them and let my pre-existing philosophy that Darwin was stupid or ill-informed cloud my judgement. I'm not saying that some of his work may not be valid. However in the case of man it does not apply. In other words if evolution of life on this planet is real it is not applicable to human beings because we were sent here from someplace else or each iteration of the humanoid has an individual creation and apocalypse in which case it would not matter either because we will all die and be born again on the day of fire. In other words the reality of the Cromagnum man his creation and apocalyptic death is completely disconnected from our creation and apocalyptic death, only to be repeated again sometime after we pass on with the next iteration of humanoid or whatever. So the relevance of our reality is immediate and personalized to our current situation. Am I making sense or just rambling?

  5. I came to the conclusion long ago that regardless of how it all happened -- one big bang, in gradual stages over a period of time, whatever -- Allah swt was behind it all. Problem solved. :0

  6. Al-Maraya, then how do you explain how Allah happened? Where did Allah come from?

  7. Qatar Cat, I don't; for that, I rely on faith.

  8. Ok, thought about it and here's some of it.

    1. Cromagnum man is really us. This (old) term refers to anatomically modern humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) as opposed to the other humanoid species inhabiting the earth at the same time Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. (also, this term is a eurocentric definition used to elevate europeans to a higher plane than the "other races" who had achieved the same technological "advances" at that era... in other words, its slightly racist... A better term might be anatomically modern humans)

    2. We know that both species were present at the same time due to dating and archaeology.

    3. We don't know what happened to all of the neanderthals, but it has been theorized that some interbred with our ancestors. There are some interesting skeletons from the middle east that show anatomical characteristics of both species.

    4. One mDNA study traced a common ancestress back to approx 200,000 years ago in Africa (can't remember the exact date or how many persons were in the study). So far, the earliest skeletal evidence of a modern human is dated to approx 160,000 years ago.

    5. We can (and have) genetically manipulate species to adapt to certain environmental constraints using selective breeding practices. Darwins theory, in essence, is stating that nature does the same (via higher survival rates of offspring carrying environmentally adapted advantageous traits over long periods). Is it wrong to assume that the same hasn't happened with us? (there is skeletal evidence to suggest that it has, from earliest times to the last few tens of thousands of years)

    6. I agree with you on the comets bringing water and the seeds for the earliest lifeforms. I also agree that perhaps Allah (swt) gave a "push" to the process. And I am comming to believe that nature is nothing more than Allah's plan (swt) for the world.

    7. As for Adam and Eve, I believe they are our genetic ancestors as well as our spiritual ancestors. (I mean they were the first to believe in one god, rather than the plethora that preceeding generations probably revered). Were they sent down by Allah (swt)? Not sure, need to read up on that... Where's my Quran?

  9. Holy crow, just realized how lecturing I sounded. I apoligize. I just get so wrapped up in "debating". Again, sorry about that!

  10. Well, Well, Well,
    This one's just heating up!
    First of all hats/turbins/caps off to Muhammad for posting the start of this thread and having the good nature to tak re-buffs with a an appetite to find the truth.

    Qatqar Cat- have you heard of the book John Taylor Gatto wrote that Muhammad refers to?
    If so, was his opinion covered during your course on Darwinian Theory?

    Water Seeds
    The seeding of life onto suitable host planets from other worlds due to Meteor/Water Asteroids seems most likely with Nasa's finding in the 90's of a Mars rock found here on earth that contained fossils of organic life.
    I reckon it would most adequately explain the abundant complexity of different kinds of life here on Earth. If small organisms evolved from different starting points then you could wind up with some fairly peculiar characters, and we sure do have alot of them. Especially other bloggers. :)

    however on a different note,

    A television Docco which aired years ago here in Australia focused on a science experiment to see if the primitive conditions present on early planets (particuarly Earth) were re-created in a closed environment lab wether "life" would take advantage of the conditions and manifest.
    I was intrigued- no sooner had they applied the lightning to the closed environment- the basic cell like spheroids fromed by proteinoids from heated amino acids with phosphoric acid began building and these are the steps to which one needs to create real-cells, the building blocks of life.

    And ah! I hear you saying that is'nt the proof one needs to support an evolutionary explanation for the origin of life. Because who's to say if it would turn out real life would have evolved. But why cant both have occurred?
    At some point most agree on a downfall of consciousness to the human level. Is it not possible that the evolution of all that is around us is not the direct result of this downfall?

    That the body you identify as your own is just another expression of your forever changing soul?
    Maybe the topic of rebirth of cosciousness in different forms will just not be compatible with the Islamic Quran. But you've inspired me to at least get one and read up!

    I find it hard to take faith with the big questions so easily. Al maraya, your made of stronger stuff. Handbooks to life wether they be Buddhist, Christian or Islamic are just that- guides. We only ever know what we know from input of one of the five gross senses. But some have got that sixth un-shakeable sense of conviction- cause they JUST KNOW, what they know.

    Great topic muhammad,

    Regards and best wishes,

  11. This is good, back to my debating days. Whoo hoo. Speaking out of the side of my ass aside lets have some fun here.

    Qatar Cat you ask the inevitable agnostic question “Where does Allah Come from?”. Officially Muslims don't tackle this question because in essence it isn't a part of faith and it stands on the foundation of pure logic which is in essence only as good as the one deducing it where-by Allah is not faulty in any matter whatsoever. So I usually explain it thusly.

    Everything that is created is finite. Everything that is finite is dependent. Nothing that is finite is independent from every other finite thing. Your existence is dependent upon multiple finite realities existing. Food, water, sunshine all need to be in place in order for you to survive. Our planet is dependent upon our sun. Our sun is dependent on (pulling out of my ass, but you get the point) it's gravitational stability. When these things go out of balance created things cease to exist as we know them in this plane. If you read Islamic theory on the life-stages of man you will understand that the stage of life on earth is actually the shortest out of millenniums of existence. Our first life is the fact that you have been in existence since the creation of Adam, well after his creation as we were brought out as seeds where we were asked the question "Am I your Lord" and we responded in the affirmative.

    7:172 AND WHENEVER thy Sustainer brings forth their offspring from the loins of the children of Adam, He [thus] calls upon them to bear witness about themselves: "Am I not your Sustainer?" - to which they answer: "Yea, indeed, we do bear witness thereto!" [139] [Of this We remind you,] lest you say on the Day of Resurrection, "Verily, we were unaware of this";

    This Ayat effectively removes from the Human being the excuse that they did not know Allah or the fact that they were supposed to worship. Then there is the life on this world. Then there is the life of the grave where you are in existence with consciousness of what your final fate is and you suffer the punishments of the grave or the bliss of the sweet smell of paradise. Then the next stage of life is the Day of Judgment where your good deeds are judged. Then the final stage of life is what happens after you are handed your verdict. The Islamic position of life is that consciousness does not ever end, which is why you are told to visit the graves because they can hear you.

    Everything that is finite is dependent upon that which is independent of everything. Only this entity can prevent everything from coming to an immediate crash halt. The voraciousness that all dependent things consume resources gives merit to the fact that this must be a reality. Only that which is infinite and independent of everything can sustain everything in existence. If you take the number 5 it is dependent upon 4,3,2,1 existing for they support it without them there would not be a 5. If you take infinity on a time line all numbers can exist because infinity exists. If there where no infinity what would be there to support it; if reality only went to 3 there could not be an issuance of 4 or 5. Therefore there must be infinity in simplest terms. Those of faith call that God. Those of no faith think in the finite, thus leading to wars, supply and demand economics and other such foolishness, whereas those firmly rooted in faith, or the extremely imaginative there are always infinite possibilities. Unlimited possibilities, unlimited energy, unlimited opportunities are the way of the Faithful and the way of Allah. Scarcity, lack of provision and oppressiveness are the way of the Shaytan or those without faith. That’s my explanation on the whole “Who created God” thing.

  12. I don't like the translation of that verse but basically shortly after He created Adam he extracted from him all of his children and then we just kind of hangout until our time is called to come to earth and do our thing.

  13. Officially Muslims don't tackle this question because in essence it isn't a part of faith and it stands on the foundation of pure logic which is in essence only as good as the one deducing it where-by Allah is not faulty in any matter whatsoever.

    In otherwords if you are about to get hit by a train and you're deaf and can't hear it, and a 3 year old is trying to warn you about it. The fact that you can't understand or that they are explaining poorly doesn't affect the reality of you getting hit by the train or not if you don't move from where you are. Do you understand. So if my logic is faulty it doesn't change the reality.