Saturday, December 02, 2006

Smooth Jazz

Okay peeps can someone tell me why it's always gotta be Smooth Jazz? Why not soulful jazz? Silky, sexy, soft, titillating, chilling or whatever. Fifty states and 430 cities and the only two words radio stations across the nation can come up with is Smooth Jazz? Get bent.

105.9 if you were wondering. :)

Blogging with my Treo... Man I love this thing.


  1. LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!! Thanks, I needed that. sigh.

  2. Asalaam alaykum bro. Am a new comer to your blog and I have to say this: dont you worry about putting your business out there? Do you worry about the evil eye i.e the ain? Do you worry about all you write because we will all be questioned about it? Are you not worried about listening to music?

  3. Well new comer obviously I don't worry about putting my business out there because I don't personally know most people who frequent my blogs and if I did I would doubt they would approach me about it, and if they did I doubt that I would care if they were of the negative persuasion.

    A friend asked me if I worried about the evil eye and I told them this. Yes I know that the evil eye is real. There is also the weight of the persons faith though. Whenever someone issues an evil eye the magnitude of the damage is directed at them first and formost. The object of the evil eye usually gets the run-off of what is left. So if someone wants to give me their good deeds by talking about me and eyeing for what I got (please let this broke brother know what it is that I have that is so precious that it deserves an evil eye wife and kids excluded)that is so desirable for an evil eye in the first place.

    You know that you will be questioned about everything that you do. Your faith guides your actions right now I'm not as staunch as I would like to be when I get there it will reflect in my writing. Primarily this blog is for me to work through my problems and it doesn't reflect any desire to be uber Islamically conscience at the present time. I'm still trying to find a place where I can be an Islamic activist or an activist that is a Muslim without all of the holier than thou riggamarau. It is a balance that can be seen going wrongfully awry in most soap-box preachers of Islam yelling HARAM every five minutes. We as an Ummah have bigger fish to fry.

    Music is not Haram the social context and interaction concerning some music is, but music in and of itself is not Haram. I've seen that certain people that do much studying stay away from it, mainly because it does affect your Deen.

    Thanks for coming by feel free to stop by again.