Thursday, June 01, 2006

No Balls!!

Well it appears that my relief is going to be late so here we go, it may get juicier later so still check back. So my wife and I steal away from the Blockers and head out to TGIF for a quick dinner. You know that relief of finally getting some alone time away from the kids. Well anyway my wife spends the whole night making me blush. Now with me I’m shy about public affection and my wife knows this I think she just likes making me squirm. I have no idea what I will do when I have two women grabbing my butt in public. When my wife does it I’m always like stoppit! She never does though, she always plays dumb with her beautiful brown eyes “did I do that?” look on her face. So we are out at TGIF and my wife is looking hot as usual. Now she’s Muslim mind you and even with the head scarf on and everything she is a show stopper. So we are sitting in the booth and she orders this shake with whipped cream on top. (She didn’t order the whipped cream it just comes that way) She asked about this other drink which the waitress brought over but it of course had alcohol in it so we had to turn it down. (No Alcohol and no pork you know how it goes) It looked really nice though it was a strawberry drink with hot chocolate or something sprinkled inside of it and of course whipped cream. So anyways we are sitting across from each other and she’s kneading my webels with her feet, no problem cause no one can see. Her shirt keeps popping open because she’s a D and it just can’t hold the twins. Mmm. So then she starts licking the whipped cream off of the drink with her tongue and so the blushing starts as the bar is the only thing that is open and guys can’t stop pissing. So there is always some half-drunk dude walking by. Grrr.


Anyways we finish up and leave, I’m thinking a beautifully flirtatious night and I’m going to open the door for her real romantic like, but no. She wants to get into the back of the Van. Now there are no seats in the back of the van there is nothing back there because of helping her friend move. Now this is something that I’ve done before but never with my wife. Now when I did do it I was teenish and was with my girlfriend and it was embarrassing. First of all we got busted by the cops, for the most part if other peeps spock you they just leave you alone but cops have to be all asinine about the situation. Now at the time my girlfriend was white and we were in a white part of town and in full congress this cop rolls up and busts us now that is not a problem but the cheap thrills part of the situation is that he keeps his damned flashlight on my girlfriend the entire time she is putting her clothes on in the car. Obviously this is not an event that I would like to repeat with my wife, but here we are. In the TGIF parking lot in front of the TGIF sign.


Ups my relief is here so I gotta go. To be continued.

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