Thursday, June 22, 2006

Evil seeds breed Evil Weeds.

My my my where has all of the time gone. You see when you don't blog for a minute all of the juicy tidbits of life mount up so that necessitates a humongous blog effort. Thus would be the case today. So there ain't crap on the tele at work. I was watching a good flick but this massive Thunder storm is blowing overhead and it knocked out the Direct TV which only makes me believe that cable is better than the dish. That and the fact that they are particularly stingy with their bandwith. I can understand that they have to be, but that's another story. I only watch the tele at work anyway.

So we recap. Ya Allah I should have did this days ago. So where do we start. My wife and I have a heart to heart. She tells me that she was being nice to our house guest to of all things get at me so that I would know how it would feel to lose her. That's not really the reason its kind of hard to explain but the short and skinny is to put me in a situation so that I could appreciate what I have. It is an outstanding concept in theory and could probably be pulled off with professional actors completely innoculous to the situation but this is not so the case. These people are living in our home and the brother has already expressed an affinity towards my wife A; and B; he is put off by his wife because she is overweight and not as sweet and soft as my wife is. So stir the pot a little and boom sparks fly.

The brother now is thinking that there may possibly be a chance for him and my wife. (Not over my dead body). My wife has this affect on men and women apparently. I was going to blog a couple of days ago and title it "What is it with Millionaires and my wife" due to the fact that she has divulged that yet another Millionaire has expressed all of the stuff they would buy for her "if only". I'm totally not worried about this mostly because it is far and impersonal, however this situation is right under my nose.

So she tells me this and I am feeling like I've been stabbed in the back, but it is okay because I love her like I have loved no one else before. I forgive her this short coming and I know that it is not going to rock my marriage at all. We talk about it only briefly after that and we really didn't go into much detail. I can't really remember what else happened that day. Ah that's not true we put a bandage on it with a discussion. I have to talk about this a little because it wasn't like a normal discussion it was what I would call talking sex. I was inside of her and we were just talking it was very cool. Occasionaly I would move a little and as the conversation subsided the thrusting picked up until climax it was very unique and nice. So then I wash up and went to work where I coded some of our application that crashed. Yes that is what happened our MS Access database that we use to keep all of our logs in totally crashed at least the visual basic side of it. Apparently the application at the server shut down or lost power skipped a beat some how and my application issued a command and it got garbled and crashed the application. So then it told me that the Visual Basic for applications project is corrupt. Well if you program in access if you get this error you will know why back-ups are so important, because Microsoft's answer to this is "yeah it happens... Sometimes". Then you are like what about my code and it's like bye-bye. Pissed to say the least. My job called me at home with this nonsense, because I'm the only one that can fix it. Isn't it great to be loved. I don't know why they insist on pissing me off, kind of makes me want to put a time bomb in the application, but I digress. So we talked, it was great I didn't get to go back to sleep though damn.

So I am at work programming and such it was cool pretty laid back. I really can't remember much else. No I was trying to watch Last Holiday with Queen Latifah and LL Cool J and my wife calls me to discuss the "situation" because she's feeling guilty of course. Naughty Naughty girl. Of course she calls right in the middle of the movie. Now girls when guys are really into something they are not in the mode to go over deep emotional issues they just aren't we don't multitask like that. So I'm hoping that the chat will be short so that I can go back to my movie. Of course no such luck it's a big one. So I've got to stop my movie and everything. Bogus, but it's for a good cause, besides I can always rent the movie again. So I shut everything down and focus. She's sorry about what she has done and of course now she wants to make steps about how to prevent further incidents from happening between the two. It is no consolation to have the brothers wife around because apparently the wife wants my wife all to herself also, I have yet to understand the full dynamics of their relationship. Although I have an imagination.

So anyway my wife and I get into this deep conversation about what happened and the feelings involved on her side and my side and speculated what the brother may be feeling etcetera. I told her how I feel the feelings of men evolve and how the Shaytan (Satan) places people into situations that they wake up from and are like WTF how and the hell did I get here. It starts with small things and simple things that don't mean much and then things that mean a little bit more if you throw in a little bit of shame then before you know it BAM your doing Sh*t that you never thought you could do and how Shaytan hooks you is he says that you can never go back, you can never get in good with God again after that crap you just pulled, but he's lying. At least as far as God is concerned people are less forgiving. So we discussed the slippery slope at length. Then we discussed the new restrictions placed on our living arrangements. She is to stay out of the brothers face and all would be copacetic. This basically means that the only interactions that she has with him are the Salaams and that's pretty much it. So no visits to their room, and no other limited interactions. Cool everything is good in the hood. I hang up pray Fajr get relieved and watch the rest of my movie. Cool beans.

Thank Allah for my Treo and my Shure head sets without them I would probably be on the side of the road. A couple of days ago I had my laptop at work and I downloaded a batch of songs onto my Treo mostly because I hadn't had any sleep and I knew that I was going to need some staying awake music. So thanks to Rage against the machine I was able to make it home in one piece. Quick snack in the kitchen get my daughter with the bedwetting problem up to go to the potty and then I'm off to bed.

Now when I get home to sleep it is always the same story. Ah baby I'm going to let you sleep and sometimes that is successful and sometimes it ain't. I'm butt tired so I crash. I wake to my wife bringing my daughter into the room to sleep. I take her and lay her down and luckily she stays asleep otherwise I would be watching her at a time when I'm supposed to be sleeping. Now my wife is out in the front room getting beat up by Billy Blanks (I gotta get in on that amazon associate program) any way she's kicking away in the front room. I cannot get back to sleep now so I take some time to read Quran and stretch. My wife comes in at the end of my stretch and wants me to join her in the shower. I'm moving kind of slow because I'm a nasty fat bastard that eats waaaay too much sugar, I've just finished reading Quran so I have to switch gears. My wife senses this and starts to build a complex that she's using me for sex, which is absolutely ridiculous. Are you kidding me all of my life I've been wanted to be used for sex, No complaints here. So things are slow going at first but we had to relocate to the bedroom floor so as to save hotwater for when it's really needed. To put it bluntly peacefully situated on the floor my wife f**ked my brains out. There is really no other way to put it. There's sex, love making and flat out f**king. She f**ked me it was really good. So after I chose to work out myself and didn't shower right away. I was going to go running because if you're a fat bastard like me there is nothing that will shed pounds faster than running regularly.

I gotta stop and go pray only 45 minutes left of watch.

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