Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Because I love you

Because I love you
The grass is greener
The air is cleaner
Crisp and fresh

There is nothing that I long for
No desire that I burn for
That I find not in your eye

Because I love you
I want to be better
Stay with you through whatever
My confidant and friend

With each day my love for you grows
Taller, Bigger and wide
No deeper than the ocean
unheard of devotion
Until the Earth is cleft

Throughout this life and into the next my love for you abounds

My wife, my life my faith and direction
I share and learn and grow

Together forever as we stand and bow and kneel
praying to Him above that what was broken will heal

And surely as we sit we see His promise is provident
For I can see with all of me our love is heaven sent

I love you Sakinah.

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