Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Fallacy of Racism

Ok before you go all off yes racism does still exists sometimes overtly and sometimes subtle, but its ugly head is still there. In our current times racism is being supplanted by creedism or conceptism where one people’s creed is seen as superior to others. Hence global terrorism, unwieldy capitalism, etcetera.


However specifically speaking about racism it is so odd that many of the proponents are actually the thing that they stand against. Hitler was in fact Jewish, the founder of the Nation of Islam was in most respects a white man, and so on and so forth. So now we have the tale of two women. Names excluded. The first woman hated Filipinos and constantly mocked them and carried on for years and years. So what happened? Her daughter gets pregnant by what else a Filipino, and so now she has a Filipino around at all times. I don’t think that she makes Filipino jokes anymore, but who knows. The second woman would go on and on about Mexicans. They’re this and that yadda yadda. So then what does she find out? Her grandfather was in fact a Mexican. Making her part Mexican LOL.


The fact is racism is stupid. People should be divided up upon their merits only, because among any peoples you will have riff-raff and unsavory people and you will have honorable and noble people with humility. I try to assess people for what they are because what truly matters is deep down inside and the interpersonal relationships that you have and develop with other human beings.


Just a thought.

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