Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Reflections in history: The Obama Victory

Obama has won the presidency and some thought that it was a surprise. I was not of them as I believe that strategically it is a good move for those who are actually in charge. I suspect in this presidency we will see sweeping socialist changes. Why because people will still be in the euphoria of a historic victory. I find it no surprise that the two leaders that were to lead the Democratic Party were a woman and a black man. These two images represent two drastic diversions to the represented norm. A win will psychologically affect an opiate euphoria of the masses that will easily allow many social programs to become easily integrated into the common populace of group think. Group think is a powerful social concept that represents herd mentality. The Herd has been a common control term that has been used since England. It stands for the common people regardless of color or ethnic background, education or financial status. Who lost during the end of Bush's term, everyone who wasn't in the inner circle? So what the effect of a knee-jerk control mechanism is that you have a herd following the tune of a new drummer that is being controlled by the same owner.

Do I know what programs are on the line? No not really, but the policy is already set, the new regime will look just like the old one, but the news will report it differently. So we begin our descent into the plan of the few for the many. More prisons, more corporate pay-offs, National Id cards, less benefits, more corruption. Obama is destined to be a patsy. Watch. Don't criticize just watch, then you can say Muhammad told you so.

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