Sunday, November 16, 2008

The amazing book!!

We Muslims have a comfort in this Quran of ours. If you study it from three spheres you cannot come away from it but in awe. If you study it as a secular course of study there is so many things to learn from it. the nature of the sea and the birds and animals. Plant life and other variations of science. I have been looking through it and wondering as a part of memory how it continually delivers the same message. Everytime I have read the Quran what ever was troubling me specifically it has rooted out and struck on the head. If you study it to understand what you need to do for your own self improvement it is very direct and to the point. It puts everything into perspective in a way that your own intelligence can understand. Lastly it tells you what you can realistically expect from the world. It explains to you in detail a psychology course like no other. It explains natures of group think. Pharoanic governmental schemes and much more. It is a complete book.

In my readings now that I am single there is a constant refrain. Do not have any part of Illegal Sexual Intercourse. I have been blessed that my desire is gone and I am not in a urgent need of female companionship. Life is going along well. I am able to focus on my goals. I just need to handle my business and move along. The next one that sticks out is that detach yourself from this world past what is necessary for survival. Focus on the process and not the end result. Live for the present moment and make that relevant so that tomorrow will take care of itself. There was an excellent wisdom in not telling humanity when the hour will come for if that was the case then surely we would have all waited for it with the intention to correct our deeds right before the end. This procrastination is inevitable. I procrastinate on things that will bring me good, I can only imagine the level of collective procrastination that we would endure if we all knew when the hour was going to be.

It is Time for Fajr. Salaams

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