Saturday, November 08, 2008


So last night I got my blanket. I got my pillow. I was looking for my sleeping bag but I couldn't find it and that is bothering me now. I don't know where it is. So I was prepared to leave and then. My Mom asked me to show her how to use her new nutrition scale so I did and then I plopped down on the couch to read through the manual to pick up any additional tidbits of information and guess what? I fell asleep. No cover or blankets or anything. So I woke up at 4am and I had thought that I should just go but I had a case of Priapism and I wasn't going out like that. So I lay down and it didn't it stayed just like it was and it is now going on 7am so it has been going good now for a while. It always sucks and I have learned over the years things that work and things that don't in making it go down. Masturbation doesn't work. You would think that it would but it doesn't all you get left with is a regular orgasm and then it gets very sore and really hurts bad. So if you have it don't do that. What I have found that works best is exercise. Running, jumping jacks but something that is going to use a lot of blood and energy. Even then though I have had cases where that doesn't work either, but I don't want to go to the hospital over it. I left my running shoes at work so Hmmm what do I do now. I guess I will have to go get them. It will eventually go down though...eventually.

It is always welcomed to see it go away. Probably when I'm ninety I will wish for a good case of it, but the jacked up thing is this sex isn't normal when you have it. It doesn't feel like anything you want to experience and after you feel like an acupuncturist stuck needles all over your stuff and it still will not have gone down, now the pain is just more intense. It so sucks. Oh well such is life. I missed fajr at the Masjid so I hope to meet up with the Tablighi brothers tonight. If it has gone down by them. I think my record was 9 hours.


  1. So it is gone with a nice 3 mile walk. Somethings are just the same. Now if you get it to go down don't mess with it because you don't want a relapse the second time around hurts more than the first.

  2. You are a really sick person! I see why the courts haven't given you any visit with your children. Somethings are left unsaid! Why do you feel the need to make an ass out of yourself with every posting!

  3. First it is my blog so I can post anything that I wish. You can wish to not come to it. That's first, second of all it is a medical condition and my blog gets high hits on google. If I had colon cancer Allah Forbid it would be a post as well. There is nothing nice or pleasurable about it. As a woman you probably wouldn't understand so the closest I think you could come to the experience is lie flat on your back and lift your feet 6" off the deck for 3 hours involuntarily and see how your stomach feels. That is about how perverted this gets. Some people erroneously think that masturbation can help and it doesn't others may not know how to get rid of it. If you look on the web medical attention (hospital visit) is advised. I have found that the best way to rectify the problem is vigorous excercise, but even that isn't guaranteed, but it does help.

    So this is a male problem, women talk about their problems which are more prolific than men's it seems, but some of you have sons and they may get it and if you are a single mother you would probably have to go down to the clinic before you realized what was going on and so now you can skip that step and put on his sneakers and run him around the block and save yourself a few bucks.


  4. Ummmmmm.........ya. Thanks for teaching me a new word..... You have guts, Muhammad! Don't think I'd be posting about THAT on my blog....then again....I'm not I guess I'm lucky on this one.....

    (and please don't tell me that there are cases with females..........etc etc)

    Congrats on getting the band off.

  5. Oh but there is...

    Clitorism (pronounced /ˈklɪtərɪzm/), from the Latin "Clitorismus", in turn from the Greek kleitoris + ismos, is a continued, painful condition in the female with recurring erection of the clitoris. The word is also used to describe an abnormal enlargement of the clitoris. Clitorism is painful, much like its male counterpart, priapism.

  6. Goooooossssshhhhhh DAMN! Have you lost your flipping mind? Who in their right mind writes about their hard on?

    Anonymous everyone already knows this crazy summab!tch writes to much information in his blog. We all figured he thought with his penis anyways but DAMN.. we didn't realize it affected "IT" that much.

  7. That is just it Anon. It is NOT a hard on. Yeah it looks like one, it feels like one, but it is anything but one. A hard on is something to look forward to. This situation is something to be avoided at all costs. And I wasn't thinking of anything when it happened. I was asleep and I definitely wasn't horny, before, during or after.

    Be an adult. If I wanted to talk about sex I am sure that I could make it sound much better than this. This is no where near erotica, and if you think that it is then I can only feel sorry for you. This is no different from a lump in the breast, colon cancer, hysterectemy, mastectomy or a yeast infection. If you think any of those situations is erotic then you obviously have a problem. Keywords it is a condition that is EXTREMELY PAINFUL so if that is supposed to be erotic or somehow leaning towards fulfilling of fantasies. I'm afraid I don't see the connection. That is about as erotic as having jumper cables attached to your labias connected to a fully charged battery. If that is erotic then you have other problems.

    I know in the past I have talked about sex quite extensively, but honestly I haven't talked about sex in quite a while since going through my troubles. I don't read back very much, but I am sure it has been several several months that you can say that I have posted something remotely erotic. And this situation is no where near the erotic zone, but hey I guess you are labled a sex fiend then you will always be a sex fiend. I may be a sex fiend, but there will only be one woman to reap those fruits and that would be my wife, and that is halal in Islam so I really don't see what the problem is.

  8. Interesting Post there...
    Ouch, that must be tough!

    It definitely was no easy task divorcing the content of your post with the image of you, since your picture is on the same page! But I think I did alright, no serious harm done.

    You might wanna check out what the Shaolin do.

  9. This is a serious medical condition. Leaving it for 4 hours or longer can result in permanent damage and impotence. You need to get yourself to a hospital ASAP if this occurs. Seriously.