Friday, November 07, 2008


So I got the Kunta Kente band off of my foot. Yay to that right so I'm free to do whatever when ever right? Ah but I'm a Muslim so what does that mean exactly. Well for me it means that I'm not going to hang out with people at work because I don't want to be the Designated Driver to a night of wanton debauchery and senseless drinking. I don't feel like carrying drunkards around trying to sober them up while avoiding projectile vomiting. So that is out. I don't do clubs, hanging around people trying to be someone that they are not whilst interrupting girls trying to have a good time. I'm not trying to pick anyone else up so the club and or Barnes & Noble or the trendy Starbucks are out too. I'm new in town so I have my family and their friends and they are all busy, and or I don't want to go from one house sitting to another house sitting. Muslims never invite single people into their midst, because all Muslims are married you know and the single Muslims aren't any where you can meet them to hang out. So you are kind of stuck in this complete isolation bubble. Or at least I am because I suppose I'm kind of anti-social. That is one good thing about marriage, all the friends none of the conversation to get them. LOL.

So anyway it is Friday night and I don't know what to do with myself. So after Isha what happens the Tabligh is in town going out for the sake of Allah. Now personally I really don't get all into the Tablighi doctrine, but tonight I am seriously thinking about going to the Masjid. After my series of dark Pervy thoughts I know I need it. So they have come to the rescue. I suppose I am at that point where I could either run into the arms of Allah or make excuses to indulge my vices so guess what. I'm going to the Masjid.



  1. Salaam alaikum,

    I am so sorry to hear about your marriage failing and the associated troubles. Insha'Allah some good will come of all this... mess and things will get easier for you soon. I'll keep you in my duaa and remember after hardship comes ease.