Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Wow if BlogPress Crashes on you like this one just did you are screwed because it doesn't save where you are or what you wrote. So the readers digest version for everyone.

2:267 Don't take the bad stuff that you will feel guilty about because you will never get to enjoy it.

Went to fajr today and received some hadith about prayer and dua. If you pray have full conviction that you will receive that which you ask for or better otherwise you won't get it.

Even if you are actively sinning still ask for forgiveness because Shaytan will try to convince you that you are toast because you are such a sinner. Allah will save you if you ask.

Don't become arrogant that Allah will forgive you so that you intend on sinning and asking for forgiveness later. That will remove faith from your heart.

I'm looking forward to going to Zaytuna.

Yeah this post was much longer than this but BlogPress crashed and I lost all that I wrote. So there.

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