Sunday, January 23, 2011


Two Blogs in one day what is this? I have finished the Quran it is indeed a Mighty book. I pray that we gain in patience and that Allah make us of those who are devoutly obedient to our duty to Him. There are many things that stuck out today when I was reading. I was not in complete relaxation and I was kind of looking for something so the ayat didn't just jump out and slap me like they normally do, but several concepts were represented.

1. I need to break up with my girlfriend and I ask myself she's a great girl but is she worth going to the Hellfire over? NNNNNope can't really say that she is.
2. How the world will end. I have been formulating this hypothesis for a while and I am almost positive that our world will end when a black hole comes into our universe and does those things which are in the Quran. Ie. Rips off our atmosphere, defeats our sun and moon, causes smoke from the earth being sucked out into outer space, it will be inescapable, The mountains will shatter to dust and the earth will be stretched out flat, the seas will boil over and the sky will burn up. All of the signs as I see them frankly are from a black hole swallowing our planet and sun. It is dark because no stars will be seen.

Now if you look at it this way if you have a car driving down the street on a dark night with its high beams on and there is a tractor trailer truck tailgating him painted matt black with its lights off that is how this event will go down. The truck will never be seen. Such is the situation here. I want to collect some more data, but my gut is totally committed to this.

3. As a man thinketh so is he. The statement of the Prophet that states that Allah says that I am as my servant thinks of me. If He is positive then positive manifestations will be bestowed on him and if he is niggardly then his blessings are slow in coming.

I am seriously thinking about going back to my wife now. Now maybe the best time for there is no more pain at this point, no baggage, Hurt is dead, and at this point it is really the best time for reconciliation to happen. I'm going slow and it seems that she is having a white day sale and I'm broke. Well not really broke just not ready to spend any real money. We are talking though so that is something that is better. I'm praying about it so pray you with me please.

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