Friday, January 07, 2011

Apple Bluetooth Keyboards

In a word I Love my bluetooth keyboard and iPad combo however today I had a little scare. I left my keyboard out and someone dropped it off the table most likely accidentally. However it bent the soft aluminum around the button. I immediately said that I need a scribe to take this off. However I didn't have one so I had to use some leads from a multimeter to scrape out and push back the excess metal.

I have my Ipad and all but typing on that thing is impossible. Especially if you really have something to say. If you don't then it is perfect but for bloggers and typers it sucks. I was in Best Buy today looking for a battery charger and I was checking out the new Android Xooms. I can't justify a monthly bill for a glorified eReader, gaming console. The iPads size is perfect for working on documents such as this one and posting blogs.

Well like I said I'm blogging again. I've been gone forever and now I start back. My traffic is just about non existent at this point.

I promise I have some juicy stuff to tell. You just have to be patient until I get around to spilling the beans.

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