Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Call

I've read 2 Juz of the Quran. So obviously there is a lot of verses that I could quote so I will paraphrase a few of them. I'd rather for me to write a couple of reflections on a couple of verses. Unfortunately I missed yesterday so I have to a forgive myself for not doing what I said I would and picking up today and moving on. One of the things that I am figuring out with my counselor is that you have to forgive yourself and start each day over. I am learning that. Now what I studied in the last couple of days was one concerning my marriage. It was the verse where Allah says that hasn't He sent down 5 thousand angels and if that wasn't enough He would send down more. Well that is what is needed in this whole situation. The help of Allah all of it. I went to the morning Halaqa and I think that was the day before but it still applies in this situation, is where if you ask Allah for something you have to believe with a certainty that you will receive it.

I have been contemplating this reconciliation process and I have been really thinking about how it is going to have to go down. I love my wife but I don't believe her in what she tells me. How can you put a foundation on that. Where do you put your trust. So I thought about it. The only way that I would be able to do it is focus on the areas where I can reasonably trust her. Medicine, our kids, her career, her business. I'm not going into the rest for I've learned that some stuff is best not said in a domain like this. If this were a private blog then I would understand but it isn't anymore.

That is the only way that I can see it working any how. I went to Jummah the other day and it was a very good one. Basically the "what have you done for Islam lately" khutba. It was asked if Rasulullah were to come here today how would you feel about the things that you have done. So I reflected on it. If I was to go all out a couple of years ago where would I be. I used to be a daie and I called to Islam on the regular. I would have to admit that I was pretty forceful and probably not very caring in doing so. That may have been part of the reason that I stopped. However I used to do it. Then I had two conversions under my belt and I was proud of that. Or at least they became Muslims after I talked to them. Well I slowed down. Now I run a website called where I do a little Dawah work and again I don't really know if it is effective. However I felt at least I would always be doing something rather than nothing. So I put it up. Now though I need to keep it up and contribute to it and blog about something everyday. However when you start running so many blogs it is very hard to keep up with everything. Unless you have time set aside to blog or you have a staff to do it.

I have been thinking about my site though and Ayat that I come across and just sharing a little here and a little there. Actually every Muslim who has sometime should spend a little time on line to say something. Then in that case you would always be doing Dawah. Even when you were sleeping. That is why I get on youtube so that I can always do something for Islam and Insha Allah increase my portion in the Jannah.

Well today has been a very big day. My daughter has learned how to kick off and ride her bike so far today. I would have been through with this blog earlier but that is an activity that requires a parent to be present. Riding with no training wheels.

Well kids are all around now. My daughter went with me to Fajr today so that was nice. I think that tomorrow my sister won't be here so that won't be possible.

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