Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Polygamy's Fallen

Well now that I'm blogging again I am doing some house cleaning on my links and what do you know I have found. 6 of my links of poly sisters are dead. Well I got to go and erase those off of the link list. Safa needs to be moved to a new section she's not poly anymore either. Then there is me and my wife. Well the reconciliation is on. Notably without polygynous attachments. The agreement is the same as it ever was don't beg me to marry your friends and there will be no polygamy.

I went to counseling and one of the things that came out of it was be true to yourself. Honestly I'm a polygamist at heart. Not so much now because I'm working with a lot less heart most of that has been ripped up by the roots. However if I were offered or in my case begged to enter into a polygamous relationship I would. Even more so now after all that I've gone through. I realize that what people say bothers them doesn't really, and we can live with much more than we think that we can. Pride is the only inhibitor of some relationships.

When I look at the whole situation I realize that we humans are much more polygamous then we would like to admit both males and females. So it is what it is.


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