Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ipad Review

Wrote a while ago when I first got it. Lightly edited.

I own an Ipad, but frankly if I had known about the Notion Ink Adam tablet first I would have bought this over the Ipad. Why, don’t get me wrong the Ipad is a great product in its own right, however I believe that they imposed
too many limitations on it from a functional obsolescence stand point.
Frankly it is comparable to a third or fourth generation Palm with a
lot of memory. Single thread stability is a predictable plus. But tiny
apps on a Gigabyte system allows you to put a ton of useless junk on
it. Then rant about how fantastic it is.

My personal beefs with the Ipad.
1. Non Functional proprietary restrictive bluetooth. Hmm I’ve got a
bluetooth device, I’ve got a bluetooth phone, I can sync them and dump
or update my contacts Right? Wrong I could do this on palm without
special apps but not the Ipad.

2. I have a network printer, but no apps come with a printer function
I have to buy that separate. And even now that they have it you have to have a special WIFI printer in order for it to work. Bogus.

3. No SD card input built in, Even your cheesiest palm, phone,
eReader, MP3 player come with this, Really! Not even a cute little
mini sd card.

4. I have to give them props though as a native pirate I have actually
bought more apps with this device than I have on all of my computers
I've purchased, EVER. Seriously, I don’t know if that is a bad thing,
but yes sucks for pirates. I even Jailbroke my iPad but the hassle of losing all of your programs with every update is a pain so I stopped doing the Jailbreak shuffle.

5. This is a big one. The Calendar, Contacts, Tasks databases aren’t
really optimized or formalized. If three different apps access
whatever rudimentary database there is the outcomes are abysmal. With
palm the databases were pretty standardized so whatever app was your
comfort zone the end result would be the same AND IT WOULD SYNC!!!!
Actually I do not believe that there is a native Tasks database at all
and that SUCKS Donkey Balls!!!

6. Proprietary sync software Itunes I have hated ITunes since it came
out (Long before mp3 players), I still Hate ITunes and forcing me to
use it pisses me off, but that comes with the territory.

7. No Access to file structure, understandable to ensure optimum
equipment performance in the hands of techno-phobes, but techies like
to know what they are dealing with so they can tweak it.

8. No Flash, which basically means that half the internet is off
limits or one irritating thing, you download an article with a flash
slideshow and you get a piece of the article and are left with a big
WTF is the rest of the article. It isn’t until you lug out your laptop
or primary computer that you can figure out what in the world is going
on on the page.

9. No accessible file structure means you can’t just download any old
thing off the internet, because if the pad doesn’t like it You get
DENIED. Which is a pain because that means you can’t download
something store it in your glorified thumbdrive for sync and deal with it later on your primary platform.

10. Not enough piratable apps out there yet. :) Had to put that in there.

11. Inability to play just about any video file. The video on this has
to be in a special IPOD/IPAD format which means no drag and drop. You
have to convert and then transfer your file. Any AVI won't do. This is
a big pain because the software that I've found sucks up all the
computer resources and converting is pretty much all the machine can
do until it is done. Bogus. Now with VLC player this is possible. Not when I first wrote this little tirade.

The basic jist of the IPad is a money funnel into Apple and that is
fine and all. It just isn’t my cup of tea, because it means
limitations. Limitations that I don’t necessarily like or want, but am
enslaved to.

I won’t say the negatives without the positives though.

1. Jailbreaking Rocks!! Always trying to buck the system I am.

2. Screen resolution is great. Sucks I can’t use my wacom stylus though.

3. Has lots of OK apps. Nothing like good old DateBK 6, but plenty of
apps to say the least.

4. As a book, article reader this thing is superb. The reading
experience is awesome and intuitive. Now all of my pdf books can
actually be read. Reading pdf's on the desktop/ laptop is a pain but
the IPad makes reading a beautiful experience.

5. I haven't watched video yet except Youtube but the video there rocks.

6. I have found and paid for apps that are very functional even though
the business productivity apps are a bit disjointed and don't connect
well to all functions. I.E tie in Contacts, Calendar, Email, Todo into
a database.

7. After 6 Months of using the iPad I can honestly say that it is the most used computer in the house. You don't think so but it is much easier to snuggle up to than a 17" behemoth laptop. More portable too. In fact it has replaced all of my day to day computing like blogging and net surfing and email. So much so that I only pull up the laptop when I have to edit photos in light room. I would never touch my laptop if I could transfer raw files straight to my computer in light room fashion.

Things that I can say about this thing is get a good case for it. Bald it cute but everybody knows you have an iPad for one and they fall for two. This iPad has survived road trips and 3 year olds and it is still kicking strong. The scariest moment was a distant tapping from a 3 year old only to look up to one word being exclaimed by his what's the big deal face; ROCK! tap tap tapping on the glass of my iPad. It survived with only a small scratch on the glass which you would actually have to search for. Since then it has survived taking turns of my kids.

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