Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whatever she wants

Wow I just got back from talking to my lawyer and I told her that I agree to Sakinah's terms of 50% of everything. I told her to tell her lawyer that I was ready to get this whole thing over with. So if we get back together which is what I think that she wants then if it works which I don't see any problem in it doing then great and if it doesn't then everything is already taken care of. I think it will work though. I'm hopeful.

I can't talk to her though, and I haven't, if she calls. My lawyer told me that it is pretty serious. Any slip of the tongue can end me up in jail for up to a year. Any slight or admission to talking to her will send me to jail. The state wants their money. Domestic cases used to be solely tried in Family Court and now the whole thing has moved into the criminal court so the effects of people and their career opportunities all lay in the balance of 1 call and I think that is ridiculous. If convicted working as a professional anywhere is really out of the question. All of my clearances will be revoked, my career will be over. Contract work will not be a possibility. Foster care is out. Becoming a teacher is out and the list of professions of what you can do professionally is seriously diminished. It is something that is very serious. 3 digit death, you may as well pack up and leave the country if you can. Wow.

Well I know how to cut grass.

So if we get back together I guess I will be the stay at home husband and she will have to carry the load, cause it looks like I will get fired. Oh well. It probably would have been ok, but they have the letter that I wrote and I suppose it can be taken any kind of way depending on how it is presented and my statement of having nothing to lose will really play against me as some kind of psycho.

So if I lose my job and my pension and everything else over this nonsense then I may as well get me a hammock and hang out on the beach with my son until it is time to get the other kids and drink coconut milk and eat coconuts. If you don't die though I guess you can adjust to anything and stay positive about whatever life throws at you. So we will see.

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