Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Perfect Laptop

I often sit around and just think up stuff but here is something that I know that I am not going to do anything with anytime soon. What is the perfect laptop? Well honestly the way that I would define it would be primarily light and flexible. Now in these modern days with laptops becoming more of a norm for some rather than desktops because it just makes more sense a lot of times are just more practical and the prices are coming down so it is becoming cheaper.

So what is it that I am looking for? Well basically a tablet PC with a wireless keyboard that has three functional modes attached, detached and when attached to the laptop serves as a protective cover for the screen. A full size keyboard regardless of how large the monitor is so that I don't have to be limited in keyboard space because I have a tiny computer with a 9" - 14" monitor. Like I love my Treo's wireless keyboard it is full size and expandable and it allows me to type like a normal person. Even with my treo's small screen. Perfect and when I don't need it I don't have to use it.

There is practically no way to escape battery weight. They weigh what they weigh, however it would be great if they were balanced throughout the unit so that one end of your laptop isn't 20lbs and the other end is like this feather. (This promotes cracking your case when you pick it up by the light end)

Modular parts so that I don't have to scrap the whole laptop just because something broke. My screen breaks buy a new screen module, my keyboard breaks, and etcetera. Also make the insides modular as well, everything from the motherboard to the wireless card. Currently the easiest internal component to change is the system memory but if anything else goes bad you have to send it back to the manufacturer. I think you should be able to go down and easily configure laptop by swapping and dropping cards. Of course they would probably become thicker, but if this could be done and keep the form factor slim and sexy that would make millions.

Anyway that is about it. I'm sure there is something close to it out there. However I think that it is all good.

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  1. Oh I have the perfect design all I need now is a engineer. Does anyone know a good electrical engineer that can work with me? I'll give kick backs. Or maybe I can sell the idea to Dell or someone. It should be good for a quick buck. (millions of them)