Monday, September 01, 2008

Ramadan Mubarak

I wish you all blessings and bounty in this blessed month of Ramadan. Please think of me while you are in the rows of the faithful. I pray that I will be able to join you all during the last 10 days. I was able to go to Masjid Al Ansar this past Sunday and I helped out with Arabic class. It felt good, but I had to hold my tongue on somethings so as not to overstep my bounds. Alhamdulillah the brothers there are doing good work. Masha Allah. I hope to get my reading regimen up and working this Ramadan. I won't be doing anything else so I will primarily be reading my Juzza on a daily basis. Not doing much else. So no excuses this Ramadan right. So I hope to finish it all. I will read it in English and Arabic this year Insha Allah.

Make dua for me this blessed month and I will make dua for you, and may we all be brought closer to the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala. Ameen.

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