Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Wow it has been a while since I've posted. I've been really contemplative these days. I have a lot of time on my hands. Several things have happened as of late. The most exciting of which is my son has learned how to crawl out of the crib all by himself. So at least one of us is free from bars and chains. I'll never put a child in a crib again (not that I was a big proponent before). You never appreciate the freedom to move around until you don't have it. I can't go anywhere except for those that are designated on my schedule. No stopping at the Mixie Mart for a pop or a bag of cookies, just straight to work and back home. That's it and any place else has to be on the schedule.

On Saturday I get two hours to shop and it is the closest thing to freedom that I have experienced. I have two hours and I have combined them with my Domestic Violence class so I sometimes get some slack time if we get out early or something. The first time I got off I went to TigerDirect down off of Flagler street and it wasn't all that exciting, but they had computers and some good deals (not like I have any money), but I enjoyed myself. Then after I left I had more time and I didn't know what to do with myself so where did I go? Where else would you expect? I spent the remainder of my time at the "Spot" good grief you guessed it WalMart. When does WalMart become a vacation destination? I think this Saturday I will go to a park and watch people enjoy their children. Maybe I will go and put my feet in the sea, but finding a good beach is hard and a little disconcerting with this giant 80's cell phone/ home phone looking thing. That and It can't get wet and the Kunta Kente band can't be submerged so I guess that Idea is out. Tomorrow I will try to come to work an hour early and take some pictures on the Causeway of the city. It will be kind of dangerous because I will have to stop my car and jump out and snap my pics and then jump back in my car all from the emergency lane on the bridge. I've wanted to do it for a while but it really hasn't been working out for me.

When this thing comes off I am definitely going to the west coast to catch the sunset. Then I am going to visit my aunt in the hospital. I have wanted to do that for a while. I look forward to it coming off. Being restrained is not something that you want to do. I know that in the future I probably will never have an argument with a woman again. When it starts getting hot I will stop, leave and just chalk that relationship up for something that just didn't work. I have spent more than enough time in jail to last two lifetimes and I was only in there for 2 days. You think you know someone after spending a lifetime with them and then you find out that you don't know them at all. Maybe you did know them, but you were just in love and didn't look at all of the information. I suppose that I am like that and can be like that, just fall in love and hope for the best. Now starting out in my life again I think that I will just focus on the quality of a relationship. I asked Allah specifically what I wanted and I got it and most probably it was my entire fault that things ended the way that it did, but it is what it is and that is all good.

So on the brighter side I have been on this Raw foods diet for the last two weeks. I had just bought all of this food before I started. Ultimately I gave a lot of it to my wife and kids. All of the bread except for some more that I have I still have some buns to give away. She has the burgers but not the buns. Oh well there is more stuff of hers in the back of my Mom's car that has been avoided being gotten, but oh well. I have lost weight on this diet of nothing but raw foods. The premise is simple, eat all natural foods and nothing that has been cooked for more than 118* because otherwise it would be dead. It is called Raw foods but a more practical and appealing name would be Live foods. If you go to www.Rawfor30Days.com you will see an impressive account of how individuals are reversing diabetes, hypertension, CANCER, lumps in breasts, sexual dysfunction, and a whole host of diseases all with a change in diet. I was amazed so I am helping my boss Marsha Sims of www.sortitout.net get her business of Raw Foods up and running. She is an inspiration. I used to work for her when I used to sell Real Estate almost 18 years ago. It has been forever. Now she is changing my life again. She has A.D.D too so we feed off of each other with ideas and plans. Oh yeah I have A.D.D thought you knew. Anyway it looks very promising so we will see just how it will all go.

Well my sister came home and doused my diet. The curry chicken was phenomenal and the rice and gumbo yesterday was great as well. I myself am good with just a smoothie of fruit and vegetables (have you ever wondered why those words are always in that order) then maybe a fruit and some nuts and I'm good. Now the thing is that you get full when you eat whole foods and you aren't really doing your body harm so you can snack as much as you want. It is Ramadan now so usually after I break fast with my Smoothie I'm done and then I just snack on nuts until it is time to go to sleep. However I'm easy and lazy since I'm not cooking for anyone so I'm good with just a smoothie. Rinse off the blender and pau. I can go on to doing whatever I want. Breakfast or Dinner no problem just grab fresh fruit and Veggies and blend and pau I'm out. Some nuts and I'm rolling, but the thing is that after you have been on the diet for about a week or so you don't get hungry all the time. Now the reason that you mostly get hungry is because of all of the sugar that is in food. There is a lot of sugar in food because there is something about the way that it metabolizes that allows you to eat more. If you eat raw foods your body gets what it needs and you don't need much else.

I have resigned to save meat for special occasions like Eid I will eat a lot IF I HAVE THIS STUPID THING OFF OF MY FOOT!!! Otherwise I will probably get two hours and then back to the bayt. I know that it won't be a problem because it will only stay in my system for about 3 days. After that it will be gone as long as I eat my shakes. Mom was concerned about me so she bought this protein stuff. Now I am not one to be adding stuff to my food. I may do some ketene strips to see if I'm in error or something, but we will see. I may be to lazy for that. Nuts, berries, and veggies. I go to see my lawyer tomorrow though and I am totally going to break down and buy some 365 Vanilla crème cookies from Whole Foods. TOTALLY. Those are my favorite cookies, well one of my favorites I love cookies I will always eat them.

Well I am at work so I really need to get to it and I have been putzing around with this post for a little bit.

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