Saturday, March 01, 2008


Sometimes I'm ok and I can function like a normal human being and other times I feel like someone has a crowbar in my chest and is ripping my heart out through the breastplate. I feel like breaking down like Ben Stiller in Something about Mary. Honestly these feelings are so intense. I'm worried sick about my wife. She was driving home sleepy and she hasn't returned any of my calls. Her mobile was dead too the battery so I am concerned to pieces. That girl is going to be the death of me.


  1. She's fine Alhamdulillah. I'm never getting married again. If this doesn't work out then I'm going to have to get some Salpeter, Fast or work out continuously or something. Raise my kids and just be by myself, cause I'll be damned if I'm am going to go through this again. Oh hell no.

  2. salaam 'laikum Muhammad

    walhumdulillah I am glad to know that your wife (love bug) is fine, but you shouldn't say such things...inshaAllah, all will work out between you two, but if not you will need to be patient for the wife who will truly appreciate you.


  3. Dear lurker

    I wasn't going to post your comment but there are some things that need to be said. My wife is appreciative. She is more than appreciative she bent over backwards for my happiness and I trampled on her efforts in return. I didn't protect her from uneasiness and fears.

    No I'm not getting married again if this all falls through. I'm sure I can manage. I will be alone and raise my kids to the best of my ability. It will be a test, but I can do it. If worse comes to worse I can do like the arabs and get married for a weekend. Haram? Yes or maybe after my children have gone on to live their lives I will move to Africa and marry a curiously thin woman and then it will all be over in about 24 months.

    However this is the last time I get married. She holds my heart this day and all the days that Allah sees fit to keep me on this planet, and on the Day of Judgement my heart will still be hers.

    Do YOU know what love is?

  4. Muhammed,

    The Anonymous comment sounds like a woman who wants to be a second wife or wants to destroy the happiness and love you have with your wife. Limit your dealings with women...especially people who have negative things to dare she/he write about being patient for the next wife..she/he said it like they knew you and your wife were over and it is the careful my brother Salaam.

  5. salaam 'laikum Muhammad

    actually, i do no what love is...i have been happily married for twenty + years. My husband is a great provider, great father, and great teacher and example of the DEEN and I love and appreciate him dearly for this. I would never trade him for the world. I believe my comment was read wrongly (or should I say...I did not express myself clearly...sorry, i was rushing through the post), ANYHOW, to Muhammad (and theangrymuslimah), i was not suggesting you be patient for the next wife. What I meant was, ALLAH forbid, if your wife and you were to ever depart, do not rush into another patient and allow ALLAH to bring you together with the wife who is best for you. But this will not be the case as you have clearly stated that you do not intend on marrying again. Muhammad (and theangrymuslimah) my intentions were good. I by no means am trying to come on to you (HARAM!). I happened upon your page a few days ago and had read the latest post and you seemed very down about your current situation. I have no idea about the life with your wife and children...but I do send my sincerest DUA'A your way. May ALLAH be with you and forgive us for our wrongdoings.

    I suppose this fitnah is what happens when I log into someone's personal life like this. OH ALLAH forgive me.


  6. Your comment was taken the wrong way and I apologize that and it coupled with me going on line and trying to figure out geographically where it came from I thought you may have been someone else, and that really got me going. So I thank you for your comments and May Allah bless you and your family.