Monday, November 12, 2007

No School for me

I dragged my feet and now I can't go to school this term. Uggh So now I will have to do something different. So I will CLEP Introduction to Psychology and American Government. That will give me my 6 credits for this term and that will also max out my CLEPable credits. I can't really CLEP anything after those two. Cause it is all upper level and dang-it UMUC doesn't take credit for courses tested out of. Grrr. So Oh well. Life goes on.

I have to get ready for my advancement exam anyway. I have to get all of my recommendations signed off so that I can sit for the advancement exam. I hope to make the next level of pay. I have some revolutionary ideas of how I want to lead my next shop. When I get there I plan to be a Chief. So that is what is going on.

The weather is getting good here in Bahrain. Not so hot anymore more like an average day in VA except the sun is always shining. Love. Well now that I'm blogging again my visits have dwindled under the 30 mark. So at this rate I won't hit 10,000 hits until later this year sometime. Aww man and I thought I was popular. Oh well.

I was looking around and I saw that PM moved her page. I like it I thought it was cool. She had this article about a girl being killed in an honor killing and it is sad to say and I am truly disgusted at my self for feeling this but my reaction was its a statistic. There was a social study done about the sensationalism of words and how they lose their sensationalism. Like if I was to overuse the word horrible. The more you heard it the less extreme it would be and it works both ways awesome, incredible, extraordinary become less so the more the words are bombarded into our heads on a daily basis. This leads me to believe that our world will be destroyed by apathy.

Islam comes to wake people out of the state of glazed eyes however for this to happen one must have an awakening and also have the type of personality that is unstoppable. That combination can wake other people out of the state of "Oh that's horrible... What's for dinner." Or "Oh that's terrific dear... I need to arrange my sock drawer." Existence apathy. The programmed responses of an automated life where nothing in the world means anything until it affects our own personal comfort. And how can you really be moved? How hard is it to be moved to action when daily your emotions and senses are bombarded with hundreds of images of injustice in the world? You can't solve them all. People go crazy concerning themselves with everything that they become essentially ineffective. Wow. The only solution is to have a working knowledge of a fight you feel is worth fighting and fight that fight. Whether it is free the rainforest, end world hunger, women's and children's rights or saving the whales. Each task requires a complete effort. If you take on more than one chances are you have taken on too much. However you can give fifty cents to many and help out that way.

Subhannallah. You are held responsible only for yourself.

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