Friday, November 09, 2007

Ashadu An Laillaha Illallahu Wa Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduhu Wa Rasululhu

I bear witness that there is No Deity worthy of worship except Allah Subhannahu Wa Ta'Ala and I bear witness that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger.

This is the fourth Jumuah that I have missed in a row and it feels that Allah is trying to tell me something. A wake up call of sorts. The first three were work related and even though I could have almost made the last one I was prevented from doing so. This Jumuah I swapped watches so that I could go and I was so tired after I got off of watch overslept. Actually I stood watch from 0000 to 0400 and then I had to do some paperwork. I got home went and stayed up until Fajr walked to the mosque (I love that by the way) for Salaat at 0454 went and made Fajr came home took a nap was awakened at 0808 by someone telling me that I was supposed to be on watch but I wasn't because I switched. Then called my guy for something that he has to do, stayed up until he arrived, went over with him what he was supposed to do. Went back to sleep to be woken up by that guy 4 more times with trivial bits of information. Was woken up 3 more times by other work related matters. My Alarm finally went off at 1030 I pressed stop instead of snooze, slept 70 minutes exactly in a completely restful sleep woke up by the grace of Allah saw that I had missed Jumuah again. Went to the masjid as people were streaming out and prayed Zuhr. Aoothubillahi Minashaytan Ir Rajeem. I pray that this never happens again.

So I thought maybe I needed to be kicked out of the religion in order to come back in. You know that whole missing 3 Jumuahs in a row thing. Well this would make 4 so I have declared my faith and now I will start my Deen over Insha Allah looking at the things I have been doing wrong and correct them. Insha Allah. I think the kicker was when my friend texted me a couple of days ago with this: "Will a man's sins affect his family? The consequences of sins committed by the sinner may go beyond him to affect his family, as a punishment for him and a test for his family. Allah tests man with disasters in order to expiate for his sins, and Allah may test people with blessings. Allah Says: "We Shall make a trial of you with evil and with good."[Al-Anbiya 21:35]" So maybe this is why the heat at my home is not working and my family is freezing this winter. Maybe this missing of Jumuah's was a reminder harshly for me to watch my step, and Allah knows best, however I submit.

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  1. It's horrible that you keep missing the Jummah prayer. You know what? I usually don't go anymore. It's hard getting the kids ready, and then getting breakfast, friday market, etc etc. But I read this page.....and it inspired me......let me share....