Wednesday, November 07, 2007


This is the wall where Saddam shot the Kuwaiti Naval Officers. I took this on my latest jaunt to Kuwait. Since I have been up there and talking to people I find that he really was an awful person. He killed a lot of people for absolutely no reason at all. I told you all that I would post something this week and well it has as Safa predicted been a week. I don't want to go much more than that.

Someone queried me today about who I thought was more at fault for American slavery and I had to say that I felt that neither the buyers or sellers were ultimately at fault because I don't. I think that it was an institution that was in place and those that were involved had no idea of the far reaching effects that it had. Just like drug dealers today really don't look into the moral implications of their trade. They are guilty for purporting and carrying on genocide, however the factors around the drug trade aren't always that black and white. However those who mistreated their slaves were those who were ultimately faulty. Had the slaves came over here and been treated humanely allowing them to keep their families and religion in tact then African Americans as a whole would not be in the massive state of disarray (AND THAT IS AN OVER EXAGGERATION) that we are. I went on to tell him that I would rather slavery still be an institution than the gross wholesale slaughter that is going on in the African continent today. At least with slavery there is sparing of life and some semblance of hope. As far as Muslims would be concerned there would at least be an opportunity to free a slave and educate that person so that they could effect change in the country that they were sold out of.

Back to that drug dealer analogy. If it is looked at from a capitalistic standpoint the drug trade is only a tool that the capitalist machine uses to subjugate a people. It is no secret that most of the war on drugs efforts are highly concentrated in the impoverished community. It is an extensive formidable business. In several parts of the country it is an economy sustaining endeavor. In those places the efforts of clearing out the problem aren't that extensive or the police force is so overrun they can't possibly contain it.

I look at each problem of the American experience as a tool in one way or another and there can be multiple arguments pro and con on most issues. However I take the stance that there is a knowledgeable power base that is systematically using it's resources to keep certain populations from realizing the American dream.

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