Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Morning Reflection

I love the setting or rising sun. This sun is rising. It is strange that both events look very similar. For great sunsets I often have to go to the other side of the Island. I now have borrowed a friends D200 and I will attempt to get an unblurred picture of the Sunset Dhows again. I have so many it is ridiculous but I don't have the 1 that I am trying to get. I have a couple of sunset shots that I want to try to get. hopefully I can get the ones that I want. It is getting crazy because I have over 4 gigs in photos but I haven't thoroughly sorted them yet. I am going to burn them to DVD for an Archive copy and then cull the rest down to the ones worth keeping. I don't know why I keep them all even the bad blurry ones that you can't make anything out in but I have started not importing everything. I haven't updated my photo albums yet. I hope to do that soon too.

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