Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Love this shot


This is a great shot that I made the other night shooting. It was a beautiful full Moon. The next full moon I hope to grab it off the balcony of this place. I have said that I am going to start hitting the rooftops around Manama, but we have a really stupid curfew imposed so I probably won't be able to get anything. I have some serious practicing to do if I am going to make money off of Photography. I priced some gear and for studio stuff that I know I can get paid for it priced out to $4,000 some of the stuff I was planning on buying anyway like the Nikkor 12 - 24mm lens and the 18 - 200mm VR Nikon lens, but now I have some additional stuff to buy. I think I will try to sell some of the stuff that I can do without the extra equipment first. We will see. It means I will have to be out there getting the shots and putting together a portfolio. There are a couple of photo buffs stationed here with me so I will be able to get some hands on training here and there and maybe even borrow some lights. I am borrowing a friends D200 and learning how to use it, but I still love my D40.
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  1. Masha Allah! This is a gorgeous photograph!

  2. Why did you take me off your blogroll?