Friday, November 30, 2007

Hitting 10,000

I keep looking at my little counter over there and wondering what day will it hit 10,000 I suppose it will be a milestone, and that will be cool. I just got back from Kuwait today and it is cold up there. Not Wisconsin cold but compared to driving with the oven on full blast and open in your face to 49 degrees outside it is cold. What is that like 19 degrees Celsius or something? Ah no it is 9.44444444444 something why Americans hold on to these archaic measurement standards is truly beyond me. I think the rest of the world should force imports on us so we will finally get the message. You know what it is right. We have all this old crap and nostalgia freaks insist on keeping it around. I say if you want to rebuild your 57 Chevy do it with metric parts so that we can frigging move on.

Where was that going? I don't know really. I was supposed to go and get this shot that I have been envisioning but I stayed up too late reading my email so my curfew has come in. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow night or even after Fajr. That might be cool. I will show you what it looks like. I'm learning a lot about photography. I may turn this into a photo blog, but if I do I will have to go black so my blog will be changing again. This skin is only temporary anyway. I like it but I want to do a little bit more with it artistically.

What in the world is this? Yes Christmas is in full swing here in Bahrain. I suppose when you really get down to it from a financial standpoint Christmas really means sales and with so many western corporations here in the gulf there really isn't a way to effectively stop it, but when it is displayed on public property like this is in the airport terminal I think it is going too far.

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  1. yeah I feel you. There are more christmas decorations here in UAE than Ramadan. I will never understand that one. As much as I didnt like Egypt. I will say I didnt see all the christmas stuff and Ramadan was the best!!!!!