Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Jena 6: The forgetting stage.

The news bulbs have started to fade and with 5 of the 6 facing serious charges 4 spirited out of the limelight to be tried as adults all energy as faint as it is is focused on Mychal Bell. As for the other four they are free to get system raped as news coverage fades. It has moved to the responsibility of the blogger to move and keep eyes on this issue to insure justice is done in this issue. Do something to help go out and purchase any periodical that has Jena 6 coverage in it.

The difference between a candle and a firecracker is endurance. Firecrackers make a big bang like this rally attended by notables, but the true test is to keep the heat on like a candle. Candles can be weak but they can also tip over and set the whole house on fire.

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