Thursday, April 16, 2009

Okay so I have a profile

So I did the profile thing and frankly I would rather be stabbed in the neck with a brass dick. Good grief, this is not something that I am wanting to do. One thing that I will not do is talk about people who answer my ad on my blog. Sorry no juicy tidbits. I have to learn how to keep somethings underwraps. Divorce sucks, cause then you have to start all over and crap. Gee Whiz.

So anyways life is going great outside of the whole forcing myself to look for someone thing. Maybe I should just stop. I'm sure it is purely psychological. Maybe I should just stop and take up basket weaving or something like that.

Moving on. I need to fill out my application for substitute teacher. As it turns out I have the qualifications for one and I always wanted to try my hand at teaching. So I think I will give it a shot and see what happens. I also have to finish my Real Estate stuff before my year is up. Good Grief. It has been a busy year though. So emotionally I know that I wasn't able to work that out. No body was buying houses anyway (that is not true).

Ok I have to get some rest before my night job. Peace.

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