Monday, April 20, 2009

Careful as she goes

So I've made that crucial first step as prudently as possible. I've said I'm available, but actually there is a ton of stuff that I have to get in order before I can make space in my life for someone else. So it is what it is. Whatever I have so much other things to think and worry about other than a love life that I only marginally want at this point. You know cause I have to be deeply scrupulous in deciding my next wife because I am the marrying type and if I do get married I will try my best to make it work, but I would do that even if the person were wrong for me. So I could possibly wind up in a relationship for years that is just toxic because I believe so much in making it all work. I am so not looking forward to this. Maybe I will just work enjoy life and then people who are doing the same will be attracted to me just because of me.

Moving on, I've been craving some good live Jazz so tonight the only night this week I have to myself I am going out to find some. Hopefully it won't be a smoke filled lounge. That is one thing I loved about California they banned smoking indoors. So if you did go out to a club you wouldn't have to worry about it, worked great for restaurants too.

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